Sunday, 8 November 2009

Amazingly delicious leftovers

So.good!!  A little light.  I could have used a bit more filler.  1/3 of an already tiny steak, 1/3 of a normal sized portion of green beans, and 1/2 a cup of rice.... I like eating smaller meals, but I need to figure out how to eat more smaller meals, because between breakfast and lunch I get really hungry, and then lunch just isn't very satisfying.  Dinner's almost always small, but even when I'm hungry I don't like eating a heavy dinner.  Some pasta, tonight will probably be a lot of bean sprouts over rice, and then fruit or something snackish later on.  I don't like leaving work hungry though, because then I'm tempted to buy junky snacks to hold me over on the 1 1/2 ride home.

In writing news, I have a plot!  Finally... after 14,000 words... I was half paying attention in my meeting today... and half jotting down ideas as they came into my head on the paper for jotting down meeting notes.... :P  And viouala!  (probably spelled that wrong)  This story might actually turn into something, which would be super fun and really random... It's weird how that many words can come out of a ditty about a smell, and then a plot can suddenly spring up from babbling words linked together.  It was getting to the point of babbling, so I'm really glad I have somewhere to go with the babbling now.  I swear I'm working hard at work :P  It just so happens that I only had 4 hours occupied in my 8 of actual, real work today.  Hehe.  And the amazing software I found yesterday can be installed on a flash drive, so I have that on my work laptop now and I can just copy my updates onto my home laptop and presto! (cause I know how to spell presto...)  Magic.  And speaking of, this story is turning into a lot of magic... which could be interesting because I never have my characters use "magic."  I'm excited about it now though, moreso than I was because it might turn into something decent after I edit the crap out of it (in more ways than one) and fix it up.  I even have ideas for a sequel, which is also random and a first!

My word of the week is "random."  It's a good word.

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