Monday, 30 November 2009

Ready-to-help teacher Chris is so very much still in bed today

That could make the day interesting.  I'm so tired.  I feel better than I did yesterday morning, but not by much.  This weekend was too short and too busy.  I have a four day weekend coming up, and, well, Sunday will be painful (test that I haven't studied at all for) but Friday and Saturday I intend to sleep until I'm healthy again.

I won nanowrimo!  No, I didn't actually win anything specific, I just managed to write 50,000 words in under 30 days.  My personal goal is still not met, though.  50,000 is a good start, but before the new year there will be a "The End" attatched to that stupid story.  It'll need editing, and no way am I busting my butt to write when I want to be playing with beads this month, but a complete story with "The End" on it would be a nice first and a good launching point for editing and, well, writing another one.

I'm so excited about the projects I'm working on right now!  I wish I could post pictures!  This next one I can though.  Lindsey and I are going to The Romeo's concert next Friday.  We harassed the singer, Daishi, a few years ago, or rather he gawked at us and watched us to see if we could sing the lyrics with him while we were standing at the back of the live house (putz), so we decided to give him a little something this time around, since we plan on standing front and center to get back at him for that :P  It's cute, and so very very Daishi.  Grr (*kitty puch*), hehe.  Okay, you'd probably have to actually hear or see me ramble that one to understand the joke.  He's "badass," complete with quotations, leopard print, bad tatoos, and a whole lot of ineffective "grr."  So he's getting a biker kitty cell phone strap. XD

I'm probably 90% done with Christmas presents, but the last few are going to take quite a bit of time.  The books are harder to follow, because they don't break the steps down.  There's a map of all of the beads for one piece, and you have to follow the blue and red weaving lines into the right beads.  It's actually a lot easier than it looks, unless I'm tired, like I was yesterday.  Then I end up taking it apart two or three times because I made a dumb mistake with the weaving or, like yesterday, switched the colors around. -.-;

Yesterday was definitely one of those days that, once you make it through, you know you can handle just about any bad day that comes your way.  Sick as a dog when I got up, I made it to work, got a huge chunk of my grading done and then got more papers that I need to grade tomorrow, made it home on dark chocolate and water, and then arrived to the smell of cat piss in my apartment.  Granted, I hadn't emptied the litter box in a few days, it was first on my list of things to do today, except it wasn't the litter box.  I have a white softbox that I got from Ikea when I moved here, and I was keeping random odds and ends, socks, washcloths, gloves, my knee brace, stuff like that in there.  My afghan was in it until recently, and when I pulled that out I found all the random stuff underneath.  The cats generally sleep there during the day.  So, I went to empty the litter box and found everything in that box wet..... soaked.... GRR!!!  It took two washes for most of the stuff, and three for some like my favorite flannel and one of my leather gloves (no clue why that was in there).  The cats stayed away from me most of last night, little crap heads.  I have no clue which one did it, but my money'd be on Ophelia just because she's in there most.  Soushi goes for the kennels.

The only thing I can think is that the litter box was too dirty.  So I rearranged my room.  The litter box is on the main floor now, and my clothes are reorganized.  I moved the vaccuume and rice cooker to the other side of the room so the litter box wouldn't be right by my desk.  It's in easier reach for me to empty every day.  I don't go up in the loft every day, and when I'm tired, like I've been lately, it just doesn't get emptied.  Fortunately, the only likely victims of this are a white tanktop that looked kinda yellow coming out of the wash and maybe my glove.  The box came clean, though I'm not sure what to do with it.  Maybe I'll stick their blankets in there.  They need some place to stay warm during the day, cause no way am I leaving the heater on while I'm gone.

Anyway, despite coming home to two hours of disaster cleaning, I still managed to write the 3,000 words I needed and start on Daishi's cat.  Of course, I was up until midnight... which means I'm exhausted today, but hey, I did it.  Today sounds like an edamame for dinner day and finishing the rest of Braveheart.  And I will be in bed before ten!  I hope...  Gah I'm tired.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Killing time at work

And avoiding doing things I should actually be doing, like studying. :P

Gallery link

So, since I've made too many things to clutter up this page, I put all of the pictures under that link.  I even attempted crocheting...

It's... special.  I'm going to try to remake it - hopefully that looks less like a first grader tried to make it.

My favorite beaded thing I've made so far is this ->

It's pretty.  It looks yummy, though I had a little trouble with the dish part and the T-pin.  I can never keep them straight when I bend the loop.  I bought the right pliers for it, but there's no way to keep the pin from bending underneath the beads.

I went to a bead store yesterday with Lindsey to get beads for the rest of my Christmas presents.  IT WAS SO FUN!  We're going again on Saturday (to a different one) and getting beads for a grr!cat we're giving to Daishi (singer, we're going to his concert in a few weeks... it's a joke gift) and to pick up the rest of the beads for the last few presents.  I hope people actually like these things.  Most of them are ornaments, really.  I'm making a few non-ornaments that I'm not posting here till after Christmas (sad! They're so cool!!)...

I was also wondering if they sell beads like these in the States. :S  I imagine they do.  For the most part, they're not that fancy.  The beads I got for one of my presents yesterday are Swarovski (spelling?) beads though... they're shiny!!  If they had that cut in something that's not $2 for 30 beads I would have gone with that, but........ Christmas only comes once a year, and I like making things to give to people... and my lunches are cheap :P  I'm actually pretty sure the hedgehog is Swarovski too, but that was a kit.  Lindsey bought it for me to make her at 50% off, and it was still $10.

Hm.. yeah, not much else going on in my life.  My coworker just had me watch the trailer for Avatar (we're working hard today!).  It looks pretty good, aside from the military premise being... well, classically Jackson vs. Native Americans evil.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Flash drives are amazing!

Here I am, at work, listening to Jules Massenet's "Meditation" and ignoring the people drinking loudly in my office.  Noise reducing earphones are also a wonderful piece of technology.  Pity mine broke, but I'm currently borrowing Lindsey's until I break them and have to buy her a new pair or find the money to buy myself a new pair.  Either way, it almost does the trick.

Also with my handy-dandy- 2GB flash drive (that glows green when you plug it in... oOohh!), I can also use the writing software I've been working with and bring my story, my notes, and all the pictures I have associated with said story, and the music playlist I'm currently listening to, in one program.  *cheesy commercial-style grin*

Enough of that.  I'm at work early today to get some grading done.  Apparently, "You'll do that one year, realize it's too much work, and never give homework again."  .... Cause the students will learn at all when they don't know why they got the good/bad grade they did on a speach test.  Yes... I can see you're dedicated to your job. *eyeroll*  I have two classes worth stacked up from yesterday, and I have one more class doing speaches today that I'll have to grade on Friday.  The only frustrating part about it is that in their grammar classes they're taught that it's okay to say things like "I felt cool there" (not necessarily wrong, just weird) and "There was cool" (wrong!) instead of "It was cool there."  I'm not docking huge points for grammar mistakes, but I still feel bad marking up their papers when I know they worked really hard on them, some of 'em anyway.

I finished "Wolves of the Calla," yesterday.  Thank you Aunt Tracy!!! ^__^  I took my time reading it, only on the trains and a little at work when I couldn't handle being in the office and the people there, so it lasted quite a bit longer than the other books.  Haha.  I'll write up a review another day.  I have quite a bit to say about that book. 

For now, since I do have that useless test *sigh* coming up the first Sunday in December, I'm taking a break from English books and reading one of the Japanese novels I got partly through then got bored with last year.  Despite the fact that I know the plot sucks, it's actually good motivation for me to look up words and kanji that I don't know.  The same goes with games, but those go by too quickly for me to bother with a dictionary.  I'm circling words in pencil that I can't read (there's an obnoxious amount of them having to do with militaries and war...) and I'll look them up later.  This time I probably actually will.  If I'm interested in something and have a good reason, like not being able to read what I want to read (grr!), then I'll actually study.  Not having to use past the Japanese I already know on any given day, it's kinda hard to give a rip about grammar and words that are so old native Japanese speakers can't pass the test.  I doubt the words I'm looking up from my book now will be on the exam, but whatever, at least I'll be able to read them, and I guarentee they'll come up again in that book, another, or in a game considering the books/games I like.

And I'm off.  I have a few emails to write, then it's down to grading papers.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Amazingly delicious leftovers

So.good!!  A little light.  I could have used a bit more filler.  1/3 of an already tiny steak, 1/3 of a normal sized portion of green beans, and 1/2 a cup of rice.... I like eating smaller meals, but I need to figure out how to eat more smaller meals, because between breakfast and lunch I get really hungry, and then lunch just isn't very satisfying.  Dinner's almost always small, but even when I'm hungry I don't like eating a heavy dinner.  Some pasta, tonight will probably be a lot of bean sprouts over rice, and then fruit or something snackish later on.  I don't like leaving work hungry though, because then I'm tempted to buy junky snacks to hold me over on the 1 1/2 ride home.

In writing news, I have a plot!  Finally... after 14,000 words... I was half paying attention in my meeting today... and half jotting down ideas as they came into my head on the paper for jotting down meeting notes.... :P  And viouala!  (probably spelled that wrong)  This story might actually turn into something, which would be super fun and really random... It's weird how that many words can come out of a ditty about a smell, and then a plot can suddenly spring up from babbling words linked together.  It was getting to the point of babbling, so I'm really glad I have somewhere to go with the babbling now.  I swear I'm working hard at work :P  It just so happens that I only had 4 hours occupied in my 8 of actual, real work today.  Hehe.  And the amazing software I found yesterday can be installed on a flash drive, so I have that on my work laptop now and I can just copy my updates onto my home laptop and presto! (cause I know how to spell presto...)  Magic.  And speaking of, this story is turning into a lot of magic... which could be interesting because I never have my characters use "magic."  I'm excited about it now though, moreso than I was because it might turn into something decent after I edit the crap out of it (in more ways than one) and fix it up.  I even have ideas for a sequel, which is also random and a first!

My word of the week is "random."  It's a good word.

My goodness!

You'd think I never paid any attention to my cats!  Soushi's on my lap (I had to move him so I could sit), and as soon as I stop petting him he reaches up and puts his paw on my shoulder.  I pet his head and go back to what I was doing and he meows at me!  Eesh!  Hehe.

I found the most awesome writing software ever!  Amazing, is what that is!  Buh bye giant notebooks and scattered scraps of paper.  I'm using the trial version right now.  It's so cool to work with!  So far I've started three "books" in the "library," and it keeps even the color scheme separate for each "book"!  And it has a full screen typewriter to block out destractions and stop you from going and editing what you see on the screen.  You can edit in the main screen.  It's all levels of cool.  Only irksome thing is the lack of special characters, like the two dots over vowels and stuff.  But it even lets me type in Japanese.  I love it!

Steak was on sale at the store today, 50% off.  Ehehe.  Granted, the tiny steak that I bought was originally 11.50 so it almost counted as decently priced.  Not too bad for fatty either.  Man are Japanese steaks fatty.  Seriously, fatty meat does not taste better.  I hate chewing on fat.  Ew.  I cut it off and gave it to the cats.  They loved it.  But like I said, there wasn't much to begin with.  And third time in a row I've made something and had it turn out scrumptious!  I cooked the steak in a Japanese sesame seed sauce in my fry pan and put green beans in there with it.  (Less green beans than I'd have on my plate at thanksgiving for 1.75... ouch!)  Then I had just a little bit of rice with some of the cooked sauce sprinkled over it and Korean seaweed.  Oh it was so good!!!!  It was my dinner today and will be my lunch tomorrow and Tuesday, and I'm SO happy about that!  Yay for half-priced steak!  I cut it into three pieces.  I wouldn't have been able to eat it all today anyway. I'm still not feeling 100%.

I'm mostly healthy again though.  Lots of rest and fluids this weekend.  No more coughing or sore throat.  My gums swelled for some reason yesterday, (????) but they were fine when I woke up today.  I'm just gonna take it easy at work and use my anti-bacterial hand stuff lots.  I've been doing that anyway.  Oh!  And I have to remember to take my vitamins in the morning.  I think those have helped too.  And healthy food (mmm yummy steak).  Now all I need is to fall asleep, which could prove interesting.  It's now 11:25, and I'm not at all tired.  My cats are doing judo on my bed now. *sigh*

Friday, 6 November 2009


Instead of studying, like I should be, I've started doing NaNoWriMo.  I thought about it, and registered and whatnot, a few years ago, but November is a really bad time of year to write that much.  I don't know if I'll finish.  I really do need to manage my time better, and energy too, and get cracking on my kanji and grammar.  But so far I'm several hundred words ahead of schedule, good considering I started three days after everyone else.  It's hard though, not to go back and edit or rewrite.  Writing the pictures in my head without worrying about how the words are sounding is hard too, but I've never managed to finish a novel, mostly because I get stuck worrying about how it sounds or how it's flowing or my characters changing mid story, so I go back and loose the story editing.  So, I figure I'll give this method a try and see what comes of it.  It's also kinda fun to shape a story in my head without focusing on hammering out the details right away.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Wizard and Glass

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! I loved this book! I was sad when it was over for the sole reason that there was no more of it left to read. Most of it was about Roland’s past, when he was a kid, which you get a little of earlier in the series and kinda wonder about. I can’t honestly say I wondered too deeply about it, but I was too buys getting into the books when I had the spare time to think about them, so that’s my excuse. Once in a while though while I was reading I’d wonder about him. And now I know more. Yay!

The story starts on Blaine, and big spoiler here (likely not) that Eddie kills Blaine by telling bad “Why did the chicken cross the road?” jokes. I was wondering how King was going to pull of not killing all of his characters, and I really felt like that was why he ended The Waste Lands like he did. But he tied it all together really well, and dang he’s good at doing that, so I might be wrong. Anyway, they’re in a version of Topeka, Kansas, but not our version of it. There are small differences, and the big one being that a plague has wiped out every living thing there. They head off (to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz) down the interstate though a “thinny,” which is something I’d pass on ever coming across. I am curious how they got through one though, since later in the book Roland talks about people getting sucked in forcefully and it seems like they cease existing. Maybe they just passed close to it? I’m still unsure about that, because it was really contradictory.

While they’re in this thinny, at any rate, they stop, and Roland tells the story they’ve been demanding to know. He’s 14, and it follows just after his story to Jake in the first book left off. And it had a female character who was useful to the plot! Imagine that. She was pretty easy to read as a character and not very interesting or unique, but that didn’t make her bad or anything. Just not flashy. Which is fine, because I was way more interested in Cuthbert and Alaine. I found the Spanish in the town they were in, in a Gunslinger world version of Texas, to be a little random, but what would a western be without it’s random Spanish? It clashed with the image I had, but I can forgive it.

The thing I liked best about the story of Roland as a child was that he messed up, often and big time. He was very flawed, but didn’t think he was. Things were going great, and then the shit hit the proverbial fan. He thought he had a grip on the crisis, and he kicked major ass (sorry, this part requires strong language, it was awesome!), but he only had part of the picture, and meanwhile people were dying and the rest of his plan was going horribly wrong. And in the end, he didn’t come out okay. Yeah, obviously he survived, but mentally he was bad off, and in the end, once he was safe at home, being so bad off made him make an even worse mistake. It’s a sad story, but it felt very real. The world isn’t full of happy endings, and while sometimes it’s nice to read a happy ending in a book, I’d rather read good stories with real endings, happy or otherwise.

Time is funky again in this, and I think it’s going to be throughout the rest of the books. I’ve given up on following direction. A character says north, south, east, or west, and my attention is already on the words past that because none of those seem to matter a bit and they definitely don’t stay the same. It’s a neat touch. I like it.

At the end, though they see the building near the beginning too, the group reaches a huge building, and this is where the Wizard of Oz jumps in. Ruby slippers, emerald palace, dude talking into a machine that makes spooky noises. It was twisted (see author’s name) in some ways, and definitely didn’t feel like the Wizard of Oz, but it was really cool. You get to learn a lot more about the magic of the gunslinger’s world, which I’ve been wondering about. It seems like if there’s magic anywhere, it’s only there. The doors are there, the wizard’s rainbow is there, and the man in black can only affect things from that world.

I like the way our reality bleeds into Roland’s world, and bits from other realities join in and just make a mingled messed up mush. It’s an interesting setting. In some ways, I think it would be fun to write in, but I think the temptation to write with no rules would be really strong, and King definitely has rules he’s set for his world.  If the man in black wants them to give up their quest so badly, why doesn’t he just kill them? If he is Maerlyn, and he made the balls, why doesn't he call the remaining ones to himself and use them?  The balls seemed like they could be an easy out for the writer, and it feels like King is skirting that edge, but so far that's not what they are.

In the next book that I’m reading now, for a while I’ve felt like “Aw, crap, he’s using fairy tales and signs in the clouds now. This is going downhill,” but I realized today while I was reading that he’s tying them in to the world really well. Yes, they initially strike you as cliché and lame, but they’re also striking the characters the same way, and you get the feeling someone’s engineering it all. Roland would say “ka.”
Anyway, I’d vote this one right after The Gunslinger for favorites in this series.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Butter Fingers

It started yesterday morning when I was changing the ball of my piercing to the one that's harder to see for work.  Dropped the good one and lost it somewhere on my floor.  Had to wear an uncomfortable one.  Then when I was doing my beads, I dropped the string lord knows how many times, and one of my knots came undone, spilling all of the beads everywhere.  I finished what I was working on, started another one, and, after redoing it three times, quit for the night.

I nearly forgot my old roommate's birthday!  I still feel bad ><  Only by a day, but gah.  I wish I could send her more, but I made her that charm.  It's pretty fragile though.  Too much weight on a knot that I couldn't thread through anything.

I woke up and did chores today!  My apartment is still furry and needs scrubbing (the cats are pigs with thier food, and it sticks to the floor.  I might put a mat down there...), but I vaccumed the main parts, did laundry, and fed all the animals before breakfast!  Mal seems to be doing okay despite the cold.

I got the clinique cream I ran out of on Friday.  So not looking forward to that bill. -_-  That stuff's stupidly expensive.  The soap's only 30, so I didn't figure on the cream being 70!  That went on credit card...  I was going to ask for the set for Christmas, but without the cream my skin was getting really bad, and you can't really use the astringent part without the cream because it stings on dry skin!  I started using it again Saturday, and my skin is already clearing up, and the scars are healing, so that's happy.  I found North American hair dye too, but only one bottle of the color I wanted, so I'll have to look again, cause I think at this point I need three.  I thought about doing red again, since my hair's already fairly bleached, but there'd be no way to maintain it here, and if the water's hard enough to strip my natural color out, red isn't going to last a day.  So black it will be... hopefully soon.  Mousy washed out brown is nobody's friend.  And Lindsey gave me a coupon for a salon so maybe in the next paycheck or so (cause that's how months are counted now) I can get the dead ends cut off and stop looking like a scrub.  A cut and color is $44 (plus extra for long hair)... not bad except Japanese dyes are completely flat and not made for European hair. $30 for a hair cut.  Definitely better than the $70 ish I had to pay last time to have the lady give me more split ends (...seriously, she spoke English.  I told her I was cutting my hair to get rid of split ends, and she cut it dry.......!!!).  I don't like going to salons though, not a bit.

On a last note, I love the cooler weather.  One of Soushi's favorite places turns into my lap, and I get lots more cuddles from them. ^w^

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Ow, my brain.

Dacco, Rice, and Kozi... at the same live... on purpose... Oh that will be a night to remember!  Haha!  I've seen Dacco and Rice together, and that makes sense.... Kozi.... I like him.  I like his music.  But on the same stage as Dacco and Rice?!  I can't picture it.  But yay for finally getting to see him!!  I've wanted to see him for years!

I burned my spaghetti.  Fortunately, it was a very small amount of pasta so I only have to suffer through overcooked noodles for one day.  *sigh*  Haven't done that one in a while.  Oops.

I was busy today!

Lindsey bought something for me to play with!  It came out better than I thought.  It looks good on her.  I only had to redo it once. :P

Wire bows...... I hate them.  But I like this wreath.  It took three hands, literally.  I had to have Lindsey help me get the bow tight enough.

Tree.  I need a pair of round plyers.  I have flat ones, and they work okay, but the loop at the top of the T-pin never comes out right.  Next paycheck maybe.  In the picture it's hard to see, but the tree is mostly clear beads.  There was eye pain.  One day, when I have a decent sized apartment with a table to do these one, I'm getting a magnifying lamp.  ... one day :P

I'm not sure what I think about this one.  Things move around on it too much to stick on anything other than a tree or a wall.

I haven't left my house all day.  But I did my laundry too!  And my lunch is in the fridge for tomorrow.  Now I just need to go to bed.  Monday's are extra suck cause I have to get up and leave an hour earlier than usual (to make it there 20 minutes before I usually do... >_>).  Ah well.  Tuesday's a holiday, and since rentals are half price at Tsutaya, it is offically DBZ and craft day at my place! hehehe.  Oh, maybe I'll make taco salad!