Sunday, 4 October 2009

Water levels are a pain

Water levels inevitably take me three times as long as any other level, sometimes more, cause I always get lost!  Every game.  I hate them!  Grr... Done with Atlantia though, finally.  I actually quit playing for a week cause I kept getting lost and it was ticking me off.  It doesn't help though that when you recieve a new item or ability, it flashes on and off the screen so quickly that it's impossible to read.

Anyway... I have no motivation to do anything today.  I have to make my lunch for tomorrow... maybe I'll go to the store and get kitty litter.  Maybe a walk will help me perk up.

OH! I was exercising this afternoon on my trampoline.  I don't know if it makes noise downstairs or what, but it doesn't shake the floor that much, and I've used it a dozen times, but today the guy downstairs kept banging on the cieling.  At first I thought it was the door, but yeah.  Cranky bugger.  Guess Sundays when everyone is home are a bad day to use the trampoline.

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