Monday, 5 October 2009

Typhoon et al

All I have to say about the typhoon is that it'd better wait till Friday.  I have a concert on Thursday, and I'm going!  (Brother one man, who could miss that?!)  I'm far off the water, so typhoons here are just nasty cold rain and wind.  The wind means umbrellas don't work.  The rain means you're freezing and wet.  They're good days to stay indoors.  If it's on Friday, they'll likely close down my school, cause it's pretty rural, and it's a 15 walk from the station, not to mention the kids who have to walk to their own station.  And that train line sucks and will probably go down.  Last tyhoon they sent everyone home right after classes got out.  No club activities that day.

So, my friend Jen from middle school is a substitute teacher now, and I asked her about the job, cause I figured I'll be going to school to get my teacher's certificate after I've already graduated, so I can do it, and why not?  Well, it'll work if all of my classes are in the evening, and if I'm really dillegent... which... I'm old enough to realize that for the sake of paying bills and eating, yeah, I can do that.  Apperently, unless you get a long term assignment, it involves waking up at 4 and refreshing a list of openings for the day.  There aren't any benefits.  I checked the pay schedule.  In Ingham county the PESG website has it at $75 per day for an assignment of 1-15 days, $90 per day for 16-50, and $150 for 51+.  I would need a second job on the weekends, basically.  I'd still like to get a freelance writing gig going, but I need help setting that up, and my friend who does it is busy lately. 

My plan, at this point, is to go for a secretarial or receptionist job, since there won't be work in the summer anyway.  Actually, I'll take any job, but to pay my bills, I honestly need a higher paying job.  If I got a school gig every day, I'd still only end up with about $1,500 a month... which, in Michigan, may just cover everything, barely.  Figure $500+ for apartment, $500 on my loan, $100 for insurance (actually I'm not sure how car insurance is going to work out this time.  It had gotten really cheep before I left.), however much for health insurance, however much for a phone, and food and gas.  I've made it here on that pay in a month, but it's really quite the opposite of fun.  Actually I got sick shortly after.... I could pay less on my loans, and I probably will end up having to at some point when I'm going back to school, but I'd like to pay as much as I can while I can.  So, once I get settled, after the summer and whatnot, I'm going to apply to State and apply to be a substitute teacher, maybe.  I think it'd be good experience.  But maybe I'll hold off on it until I'm in school.  I figure it'll take me around 2 years, plus the internship (at which point I won't be able to work) to get the certificate - which is why I didn't bother with it before I gradutated - and I don't want to be in an office for that long.

Knowing there's work at all is at least comforting.  Of course, I remember months of being jobless and applying to every place even if they didn't have a sign in the window and getting nothing.... but we'll see.

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