Thursday, 22 October 2009

Real life update

I have two more book reviews to do, but that'll probably wait until I'm bored silly on Monday.  Gah, I'm hungry!!  Two more hours till lunch.  I may eat a mikan.  At least I don't have to do the pointless meeting today.  Hurray for small favors!  The 2nd year boys classes are still out with the flu.  And I get off an hour early today because of the sports festival or something cancelling my 3rd years.  More hurray!

I took Ophelia in to the vet last Sunday for blood work before getting her spayed.  They weren't going to test her, but I insisted, cause I'm pushy like that.  Lo, and behold, there's something wrong with her liver.  Her ALT count was twice what it should be.  The vet seemed to think it would be better to wait a few weeks, test her again, then if she's better go ahead with the surgery.  He also wants me feeding her $40/bag vet food, which I can in no way do.  Aside from that, I've been doing research last night and this morning, and I think what may be wrong is the dry food.  The vet said that since her other enzyme count was only 3 above normal, it's unlikely to be hepatitis or any of the other liver diseases.  He said she was probably just eating "too much yummy food" (*smacks forhead*) and her liver was tired. 

I'm smacking my forhead because I'm now having to play judge on my cats' nutrition and guess what may be wrong with her liver because I've been met with nothing but incompetance with anything to do with medicine - human or animal.  I don't give them junk.  I gave Ophelia a bunch of Kibinago when she got back from the vet because she was so upset at being shoved in a laundry bag and dragged out of her kennel and getting blood drawn.  I don't blame her... >_>  I didn't like that vet set-up at all.  (For the record, I have no clue what kibinago is in English, but they look like normal cat treats - whole dried fish.)  I may take the blood test report to the other vet and see what he has to say... I'm torn because I can't afford him.  He wanted $100 for the blood test.  And this other vet was willing to keep her for up to a week after the surgery with no extra charge... which I really need because I can't be home watching her and Soushi's really rough sometimes.  So it all boils down to the question of if I can trust this vet.

I've never seen that kind of set up.  They had a tiny waiting room, which doesn't surprise me.. it's Tokyo.  But there was nothing blocking the animals getting checked on the exam table and the animals in the waiting room except a small desk, hence the laundry bag they stuck Ophelia in.  She was scared, not violent.  She got violent because they scared her, fair enough, but the laundry bag and how they pulled her out of the kennel (which has a removable lid...) was rediculous.  They have a back section, and a lot of clients, so they can't be that bad... but considering how they treat human medicine here... I almost want to wait until I get her to the states except that my new neighbor is an asshole (pardon the language) and thumps the ceiling if I walk heavy or have music going at noon.  How's he going to react when she's yowling in heat?

I looked into cat nutrition, and I've been feeding them almost soley dry food all summer because if I put down wet food it would rot before they ate it and I'm not wasting that kind of money.  But come to find, dry food is the opposite of healthy for them, and it doesn't really matter what the brand is.  I can't afford to cut the dry food completely, but I do plan to cut back on it.  But I don't even know if this will help her liver.  It looks like, from what I've read, it's not dangerous or even much to be concerned about unless it's 3x what it's supposed to be.  The biggest concern right now is I need to get her fixed.  Whatever is wrong isn't that bad, and in time, hopefully, if I feed them better, it'll fix itself since the vet seemed to think it was diet related.  My question is, will it have an impact on her healing from surgery?  I don't know, and I don't trust the damn doctors here.  If I had to have surgery of any kind, I'd have my butt on the first plane to the states, expenses be damned.  I know it's different for a cat, and I'm not going to shell out the $300-400 most of the vets want... I just hope it's okay to do that.  I didn't officially cancel the appointment.  I was uncomfortable with 5 people and their pets watching me and listening in on me talking to the vet, so I wasn't able to ask all the questions I was thinking of on my way there, so I took their sample food and left.

Personally, I'm not surprised that I want to snap at the first person who slurps their tea in the office.  On a good day I hate that sound.  My stress level is breaking my own meter right now, and this with Ophelia is not helping.  When I got Soushi fixed I wasn't that attatched to him yet, and he's a boy (granted they only did a visectimy - which does nothing to fix behavior) so it's not as major.  But I know that if I just hand Ophelia over I'm going to feel awful if something happens.  Sucks when there's nobody to talk to and get information from.  I have a friend who lives here with a lot of medical problems, and I don't know how she does it.  Some of her problems seemed to have been caused by the crap health care here.  If nothing, dreams or not, health is important, cause if you don't have it you die... which really shouldn't even bear saying.  I really feel like pounding something right now.  Pity I still have 2 more classes. *sigh*  Everything's telling me getting her fixed right now is a bad idea.  I guess I should listen to that.  It's not usually wrong.

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