Saturday, 3 October 2009

Modern fantasy can do something other than suck!!

Moon Called was good!!!  I spent hours upon hours stuck to it!  Well.. actually 2 or 3 multi-houred spurts of addiction... Seriously good though.  Lots of laughs, good plot, good writing, enough good and humor to balance out the cheese of some of it, and oh, so wonderful to read individual character voices!  I'll write a review of it when it's not 2 AM and I'm not almost done with my chuhi. :P

My teeth hurt.  I need to destress! I'm loving all of this reading I get to do again!  It's helping.  But I'm still grinding my teeth like nobody's business, and one of my lower teeth has shifted, which, I noticed yesterday morning, has shifted my bottom front teeth to rub against my top front tooth so now that tooth hurts too.  Cutting back on the caffeen... at least for the weekend.  Hopefully I get some sleep this week... The last few days were rough.  I got maybe 2 hours of really bad sleep Thursday night.  I made it through Friday (thank you solid lesson plans so I don't have to think hard during class!!) on mmMmm Cafe o... I really should learn how to spell that.  Anyway, coffee mixed with lots of milk and suprisingly not a lot of coke... The coffee took a while to drink, and I have 4 classes on Friday, and I had a lot of stuff to do between classes, so I really didn't have desk time to sit and drink it.  I think I chugged the last bit right before lunch and maybe drank half of the thermos of coke I brought.  Yes, I am a dork and I put my coke in a cheep thermos.  I figured out it's a few bucks cheeper.  A bit heaver to carry around, and a pain to open (push down tops don't work well with carbination..) and awkward to drink from, but hey.. not a famous author yet.

I spent a good few hours today practicing my bass and trying to arrange the violin and cello parts in Cannon in D so I can play more than 8 notes on my bass for the song.  I'm about 1/4 through it. :P  It felt good to bust out the basses though.  I always forget how much I love having them in my hands.  The Ibanez plays so nice.  The G&L's sound is amazing, but it's a bit harder to play, to be honest.  The Ibanez is definitely a rock-out instrument.  The way it's made, I don't know, but it doesn't pick up slips of the fingers as easily.  The G&L really does.  If you hit the notes though, man does it sound good.  I need to get it to the shop when I get home and have it set up.  The strings are a bit high off the base of the neck, and the higher up you go the notes start deviating from their pitch.  That would be my fault for being cheep and trying to fix it myself a few years ago...  Definitely worth the 30 bucks to let the pros do it.  Might also have something to do with the 3 airplain trips it's been on since I bought it....Beautiful instrument though. I'm really at a loss for how to get them back short of shipping my suitcases.  They're too big for the regular mail.  The limit is just over a meter long.... ah well.  I'll figure it out.

Ophelia's watching me from on top of the air conditioner.  She's such a sweet girl.  Soushi has is "MOMMY!!!!!!!*puppy-tale-wag*" moments, but when she's not in heat, Ophelia is almost always near me.  When I'm sitting somewhere, she'll reach up and put her paw on my leg or my arm to get my attention.  She wants on my lap, but for some reason she won't jump up.  Soushi just hops up and gets in the way of whatever if he wanst up, but when I reach down for her she bolts.  I found that if I follow her, she won't run up the ladder (if she does, I leave her alone), but she'll run to a corner or under the curtain and lay down.  If I pick her up she'll whine at me, but once I'm sitting with her on my lap, she'll stay there.  She's stayed a good 5 minutes after I stopped petting her.  I really need to get her fixed.  I missed my Ophelia last week when she was in heat.  She turns into a really unbelievably bitchy cat, and I barely see her (unless I've scared her out of whatever place she was howling from, at which point I started shutting her in the bathroom so she wouldn't tick me off or get me fined).

She's grown a little.  I had to loosen her collar the other day.  I took it off cause I could feel bumps on the back of her neck, which turned out to be scabs that pulled out chunks of hair when I brushed her.  My cat-owner friends think they're old bug bites, and considering the mosquito and spider bites I have, I wouldn't be surprised.  They're cleared up now, but she had a few spots where the hair broke the skin when it came out.  Poor baby.  She did good though, let me brush her out with no fuss.  And they're all gone now.  There were a few I'd left because it looked like they hurt her, but I checked today and there was nothing there.  Now if she'd just stop moving my couch away from the wall and using it as a scratching board.....

I got new shampoo cause the last few days I've had a weird waxy coating on the back of my head that was making my skin itch.  I'm always careful to rinse all of the shampoo out, and I don't know what it was, but I shampooed the crud out of my hair this morning, and the waxiness is gone.  Of course, my hair is now crunchy from being completely dried out... One of my seventh graders on Friday (cute kid, scared as anything to talk to me but always hangs around looking like she wants to talk) commented that my hair was getting gradually brown.  I really had no response.  haha.  The ends are almost blonde at this point.  The water here as thoroughly damaged my hair, no matter what I do to it.  I've used panteen pro-v for a few years, and I got a damage repair set over Christmas that got my hair almost back to its normal texture.  Lindsey's mom brought me another set of it in the spring, but all of it's gone now except the deep conditioner.  The Japanese version of it just isn't the same.  I'm trying Herbal Essances now.  I got their regular stuff and an extra conditioner that I'll try out, at least till I run out.  Of course, in the same shopping run (so girly, all I bought was hair stuff, soap, and eye shadow.... *shudder*) I meant to buy body lotion, cause it's getting toward the time of year where I get rediculously itchy if I don't use it after a shower.  Only, and I've done this about three times now, I read the characters for "body" and assume the following ones are lotion  ボディーウォッシュ vs ボディーローション.  Yeah, somehow I always manage to buy the body wash, which I had needed and was the purpose of this girly shoping fest... but I ended up with two this time.  (-_-)

I like the eyeshadow though.  It's the same brand as my gray that I really like, but it's green.  The color actually is almost too mild to see.  It covers up the normal purple-ish "I got sacked in both eyes" color that my eyelids are most of the time, but doesn't strike me as "I'm wearing green eyeshadow!!!"  It doesn't make me look as dead as the gray though, so it'll be good for work.. if I manage to get my eyeliner on thin enough.

Gah! I'm writing about make-up in my blog after the girliest shopping trip of my life!  I'm going to bed, now!

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