Friday, 30 October 2009

le sigh

I finished Wizard and Glass today, book four of the Dark Tower series.  I held off reading it all weekend... and all week except on the trains.... It was hard.  I hate finishing good books.  GAH!  It was so good!!!! /flailing.

It's funny how making somebody you don't even know smile makes you feel better.  Today sucked, but the older lady on the train made me happy.  She just smiled at me.  Guess she was happy to be off her feet.  I heard her mention they were hurting as I stood up to give her my seat... well, not her exactly.  There were like 5 gray-haired women who had just come on the train and my stop was next anyway.  I normally ignore everyone on the train as best as I can, and there are priority seats which you have to give up if an older person is there, so I don't think about it too much cause I avoid those, but the guy next to me kept bumping into me and I felt him shift so I looked up.  Glad I did.  It made me happy.

I think I'm going to go into Ikebukuro today and get some of the things I've been holding off on.  I need cream for my face.  I'm breaking out really bad (I blame stress) and I can't use the astringent by itself because my skin starts to dry really bad after a few days.  I also need some sort of cardigan for work.  I decided that over lunch today - I just need to get the things to help take care of me, and if I can't put as much away as I'd like this month... or before I leave... ah well.  Not like it'll matter how much I save in the end, really.  If it's there, I either won't want to spend it, or something big will happen that takes it all like it always does.  If it's not, food's cheaper in Michigan, and I've lived on a fraction of what I'm living on here.  100 dollars will actually cover groceries for a month, if you're careful.  Here, I'm lucky if it lasts a week.  Not saying I'm going to go blow my money away, but I'm really stressing myself out holding off on getting things that I need, and it's bleeding over into everything else, probably costing me more in the long run  - chocolate, pizza, chips, booze, blasting my air conditioner, long showers.  I think making little things a bit more comfortable might help take a bit of the edge off... which would be nice because at this rate I'm going to break my teeth in a month.  I should start chewing gum.  I hate that stuff - it hurts my jaw and it's disgusting to look at /  listen to, but my jaw is locking all by itself as is and the sugar can't be worse than the constant grinding.

I hope the next Dark Tower book is as good as Wizard and Glass.  And I really hope the cats stop wasting half of their food ><

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