Sunday, 25 October 2009

It's cold today

I had to turn on my heater, and I'm still wearing socks and a sweatshirt inside.  Outside, a sweatshirt under my jacket was still a bit chilly.

I was going to walk to book off today with Lindsey.  Despite the cold, it's actually kinda nice out.  I just don't really feel up to being around anybody today.  The little contact I've had today just made me want to go back to bed.  And since my nap this afternoon I've had a raging headache.

I got the cats new food.  Soushi's results came in with high liver enzymes too.  I didn't get the vet food though, because it's countering everything I've found in my research.  I got a bunch of cans of Mon Petit.  It's Purina, and I tried to find something on it, but it's apparently an asia market name, so that ended quickly.  None of the recommended brands are sold here.  I'm going to try to give them more of the canned food over the dry food... but any of the decent brands cost a lot.  Mon Petit calls for 1.5 cans per can twice a day... can't afford that.  I'll keep looking.  I hate that everything is so expensive here.  And I hate that I can't trust the stupid vet to give me sound advice.  I do know for a fact though that the wet food is better for them.  It cleared up in a couple of days what the vet's food + medicine couldn't do in a week.  I just hope it's enough to get Ophelia's liver healthy enough to handle anesthesia.

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