Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I may be biased, but my cats are freaking adorable!


Soushi's favorite places are in a box, on the carpet of his scratch post, in my wardrobe (on my pillow...>_>), or on the windowsill.  I love cats on windowsills!  Ophelia's favorite places are under the curtains of my wardrobe, in a box, or on top of her carrier (which is at Lindsey's at the moment...).  She also likes to sit on Soushi.  Moments ago I was playing fetch with Ophelia, but she got her toy stuck at the top of the ladder, and currently the two of them are working together to get it un-stuck.  My opinion? World's.cutest.cats!

I fell alseep reading today.  Totally had intended on staying awake all day, cause I really can't mess up my sleep schedule, not that there's much of one.... Of course, saying that, I'm eating dinner at 11 o'clock... Oh! And the cats got the toy free! (And dropped it on my dresser.)

The meds from the doctor seem to be doing the trick.  Hopefully I won't have to go back.  Problem solved and everything.  This would be good since, while the insurance fiasco (tm) is at a lull, I really don't want to poke the sleeping giant... thanks, pass.  And I'll refrain from getting up on my soapbox about socialised healthcare and how much it sucks... mostly cause I'd like to never have to think about it again... EVER. ><#

So, I'm really worried about what I'm going to do when I move back.  I've seen lots of office receptionist/secretary type jobs around Lansing and Jackson that pay well enough, so part of me isn't too worried about work - though I'd rather do something, eventually, slightly more applicable to my field (which is what????) or, well, at least Japanese or writing.  And receptionist would be fine for a while, as long as I don't have to answer too many questions, but it's not a career thing.  I want to go back to school, but practical wisdom is telling me to hold off and start next winter - give myself time to move, get a job, get a car (I want a Dodge Ram!! ... ah pipe dreams...), get settled.  I guess it's good that I generally start wanting the practical thing anyway... eventually... after I get done loathing and despising it with everything I've got.

And I've decided, as much as I like not working... having this much time off really makes me go completely nuts!  At least today I was productive... in a sense of the word... I went to the post office to ask questions, went to the bank, got seasoning for the nasty pork that I already paid for and thus have to cook (dear heaven, why?), read about 100 pages before I passed out, then did lots of random blog updates,  lyrics and Japanese stuff.  Oh... and about 200 kanji flash cards... I should probably study grammar too.  I think I just guessed good enough to pass that section, but 二度と that luck might not come again.  I'd like to be writing, but I don't have the emotional/mental energy to focus on a story right now.  I keep jumping from story to story and deciding they all suck and I think it's just a symptom of the stress I'm trying to ignore.  In a way, I'll be glad to go back to work (that way being I won't have to dread actually going, cause I'll already be there).  I'll miss having any free time at all.  And I'll hate being on the trains so much again.  Especially when I'm tired, train rides are just hell.  Yesterday, granted I was running on 2 hours of sleep, cafe olay (cause I can't spell French and I'm not even going to try) and coke, I wasn't on 15 minutes before I was near jumping to get off.  By the time I got off (an hour later) I was nauseous and dizzy and it was just not fun.  Walked home and was very glad that I'd been too lazy to pick up my bed cause the work clothes went off and I fell on the floor futon and passed out.

I think I have good ideas for class though.  For my seventh graders yesterday I pushed off the book "conversation" work (cause it never works out even in the good classes, stupid "conversation" class, dumb idea, imho) till like, the last 10 minutes of class, and we did an activity guessing country names in English.  The kids got to compete with other groups, had to work in teams.  It failed during the first class, obviously, cause everything fails in that class, cause they're hellions, but the other classes really seemed to enjoy it and worked really hard.  I wish I could do more stuff like that instead of drilling pronunciations that they forget as soon as they repeat and making them practice conversations that they don't really understand and barely put effort into practicing.

Gonna pay attention to the purring kitty on my lap now. :P  Toodles

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