Monday, 28 September 2009

Can~t sleep

I have to be up in around 3 hours. Tommorrow~s gonna be fun!!

I finished The Gunslinger though. Good book. Didn~t remember any of it. Granted I read it when I was 11 or 12 ish. I think the owner of the book just wanted to shut me up so she handed me the first big book in arms~ reach. I remembered the desert...and the gross barn keeper in the town (I remember trying to figure out what was up with him and the daughter...).

Good book though. I have 3 more to read that I just got (thank you Grandma and Grandpa!) before I~m allowed to get the next book.

Maybe I~ll write a review of it later. If I tried now it would make next to no sense and I~d probably end up deleting this all on accident as I finished. I haven~t read any of Stephen King~s other books so I can~t say how they compare...but it wasn~t scary or creepy at all...or maybe I~m just looking at it from an analytical standpoint. It definitely seemed probing, especially near the end when the man in black is talking. I~d almost go so far as to say that part is what King really wanted to address the entire book...but I won~t until I see if that whole schpele fits in later anywhere. Cause why else have a monologue your main character, and alot of your readers won~t even follow much less be able to wrap their brains around, and that the main character forgets most of as soon as it~s over? And throw in reference after reference...ah well. Just curious is all. We~ll see. I doubt that section even has much relevance to the whole story - unless to give readers who didn~t pick up
the other clues, and those who did, one more `pay attention here` sign...considering the entire book is him chasing this guy down. My guess is that it was 1) to give an idea, however unreliable, of what the Tower is and 2)a chance for King to muse a bit.

And I~m really hoping I manage to sleep at all before my alarm goes off.

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