Wednesday, 6 May 2009

It figures

It~s just one of those mornings. My darling cats decided 4 was a good time to wake up and go nuts around my apartment. Then I managed to get on the only car that~s semi full and of course it~s filled with salarymen who smell like something gone sour weeks ago. And I kept myself up thinking about the dingbat I have to work with today who says 7th graders are `just babies` -which in my opinion sums up at least half of this country~s social disfunction.-

As far as that school~s concerned I~m just going to care less. I can~t be the disciplinarian because I~m not supposed to use Japanese in class AND that~s her job. She won~t be cause she~s just that special. And I~m not fighting over curriculum. If she wants to hard core focus on stuff not pertaing to our class who am I to try to convince her to do otherwise?

I~m totally taking a nap when I get home. This morning sucks and seriously - women let their husbands out of the door smelling like this?? Mine would be lucky if he wasn~t locked in the bathroom with a vat of amonia. Bathing and cologne work wonders Japan. Get you some.


xclozedx said...

I think a large trout across the hag's face is in order! =)

LauraL said...

Fish heads and rice in a Japanese prison is not worth a trout across the hag's face. Hilarious to picture it, though.

shakespeare.gurl said...

And that gets the hand flaily pointy response of "DESHO!!" - roughly translated as, well, desho, but in English "I agree." But thanks for the mental picture, Ryan. I had the scene from Holy Grail with the knights who say Ne stuck in my head and it made me giggle all day.