Sunday, 10 May 2009

I splurged

I made a small splurge purchase of an ice tea pitcher. It chills it fast cause it's glass, and I can put loose tea in it and it makes tea really fast. I'm a fan.

Excuse the mess and the hot dogs. I was lazy today.

I'm actually not dreading tomorrow. And I've discovered the wonders of the public library. And here's for trying to read Lord of the Rings in Japanese. Glad I have it memorized in English, cause the first three pages filled up my notebook with words I don't know.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

It figures

It~s just one of those mornings. My darling cats decided 4 was a good time to wake up and go nuts around my apartment. Then I managed to get on the only car that~s semi full and of course it~s filled with salarymen who smell like something gone sour weeks ago. And I kept myself up thinking about the dingbat I have to work with today who says 7th graders are `just babies` -which in my opinion sums up at least half of this country~s social disfunction.-

As far as that school~s concerned I~m just going to care less. I can~t be the disciplinarian because I~m not supposed to use Japanese in class AND that~s her job. She won~t be cause she~s just that special. And I~m not fighting over curriculum. If she wants to hard core focus on stuff not pertaing to our class who am I to try to convince her to do otherwise?

I~m totally taking a nap when I get home. This morning sucks and seriously - women let their husbands out of the door smelling like this?? Mine would be lucky if he wasn~t locked in the bathroom with a vat of amonia. Bathing and cologne work wonders Japan. Get you some.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Cute old woman

So, I go to take my garbage out, and there's a giant crow on the house across from my building monging on a honkin' loaf of bread. I drop my garbage off under the net, and go to check my mail. There's an old woman walking towards me at this point, and as I'm opening my mail box I hear a "thunk" from the bread falling onto the roof cause the crow dropped it or bit through it or something. I turn and look and the old woman is going "You dropped your bread! That's such a big piece of bread! Who would throw away such a big piece of bread! What a waste." THEN she turns to me (I swear some old people must not be able to see that I'm not Japanese, cause they're the ones who just start talking at me like I should know exactly what they're saying - thank God I do now, but that wasn't always the case) and goes "Who would throw away such a big piece of bread?" And all I can think of to say is "It is big, isn't it." She's looking at the crow still and yacking about how it's such a waste so I offer "Maybe it's from a store," which gets some acknowledgement before she wanders off, still chattering about how big the bread was and what a waste that was.

That made my morning.