Sunday, 26 April 2009

It~s early

I~m tired. And quite thrilled about the three days off coming and the fact that there~s no department meeting today. Technically I don~t have to go but people kindly keep thinking I forgot or got lost and so come fetch me.......

It~d be good listening practice if it didn~t put me to sleep.

I should translate this song. It~s quite epic.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

My week off

I had a good week! I spent more money than I should of, by a lot, but you know, from now until at least August, I don't have a holiday, and I'm planning on working through my vacation in August, so I'll make do on sandwiches and pasta for the next month. ^^

Monday I had training for my new job. It was pretty helpful in some ways. At least it gave me an idea of what I'm jumping in to, how to handle the other staff at the school, and how to deal with a class of 40. Fortunately, I'm at really good schools (supposidly) so I've been told my kids generally want to be there. I went out with a bunch of the other ALT's (my new title) afterward to TGIFridays and had a blast. Made some new contacts. It was a good start.

Tuesday I met Amanda, cause she's back! Yay. We went to Jonathan's for lunch, and I had curry udon. Apparently I'm allergic to brown mushrooms. This is the third time I've gotten woozy and feverish from something with brown mushrooms in it..... Then we went to Akihabara to get an adapter for Amanda's computer, and stopped by the RPG store. I got Munchkin Cthulu (in Japanese.. wee!!). Amanda got the original Munchkin (It's a card RPG game.... like D&D on crack with fun pictures and really really random stuff), and we took them back to my apartment and spent the evening playing and keeping the cats away from the dice. Pictures!!

Wednesday Amanda, Christina, Jen, and I met up and ate a light dinner at Wolfgang Pucks in Harajuku. I had 7up! Haven't had that in forever. Then we wandered toward the bar, Amanda strutting her outfit and getting no end of stares from EVERYBODY! It was magical. So we had pasta at the bar, and hung out. Jen's friend from Boston came and, well, she was fine until her company left (she brought one other girl) and then she turned into a snatch. But we had fun, and I was extra hyper to make up for her being nasty. Kazu probably thinks I'm nuts now. That's OK with me. Hehe. It'll make for more interesting banter later.

Thursday I went to the public health office and turned in my paper that says I got Soushi fixed. I get 20 bucks back!! In a couple of months when they get around to sending me the money.......... I also got my form that I have to fill out to get my free 120 dollars from the government... which I find random and wasteful, but I'll take it ^_^ Free money's fine by me. I have till October to decipher what I'm supposed to do or figure it out myself.... it looks pointlessly confusing, but it CAN'T be that complicated. Then I met Lindsey and her mom and brother in Shinjuku and we went to Ueno Zoo. I saw the monkeys again!!! They're so cute. And the penguins... which were mostly a little less cute cause they were molting or something... but still cute. Uh... the other animals in the zoo I just generally feel bad for... I have a few pictures, but they're not up yet. Still on my phone. Then we went to the yakiniku restaurant that Lindsey, Chieko, and I found in Ueno. It was yummy!!!! I like yakiniku. Even yummier when somebody pays for me. Thank you Lindsey's mom!! :D Thursday I also realised my sweater which I had tried to hand wash to prevent damaging it is irreparably stained yellow. Lindsey took it with her to Hokkaido to see if her host mom can't do something about it. My bleach pen is gone, or I'd clorox it like I did everything else. *sad face*

Friday I went to my first meeting at Bunkyodai (Jr high I'm at twice a week). I met the other two ALTs and the other English department staff, got hopelessly lost dozens of times, got laughed at while being lost by a bunch of students, and made a couple of girls giggle by saying "Hello." All in all, very productive. Then I met Lindsey and we went to karaoke, and Amanda came too. That was pricy.... karaoke at night is like 4X the price of normal karaoke. But it was fun, and it's the ONLY time I'll do that..... okay, I might save up for all night karaoke eventually, but yeah.... 25 dollars for 3 hours.......... ouch. Just ouch....

Saturday Lindsey and I couldn't decide what else to do, cause we always just go to karaoke, so we went to karaoke, but it was half the price for a longer time, cause it was daytime. Quite fun. Hehe. I picked up my application for the JLPT in July (which I'm so confident I'm not going to pass because I haven't studied in weeks...... well, I'll give it my best shot anyway) and got pushed around by a Russian lady.... well, maybe not Russian... She sounded like she was speaking German at first, but I can understand some words in German, and yeah, I decided it wasn't German and maybe Russian..... Dunno though. Then we came back and.... well we ate pasta and did... stuff? I don't remember. Haha. Just hung out really. Played with the kitties and goofed around. Lots of laughing.

Today we went shopping. Oh! That's what we did yesterday. I got boxes for my socks and underwear and a storage box for some of my clothes that the cats ate the previous boxes for. So today I got work shoe/slipper things. They look like grandma shoes..... but there what all the other teachers were wearing, and they were 15 dollars each (cheapest I found) and since I need two pairs cause I'm at two different schools, well, yeah. We went with that. Now I just need sparkly socks to hold me over till I can wear crazy toe socks.... My socks show. I think sparkly socks will look nice still without screaming "NUTS!!!" for the first few months. And I got pajama shorts, cause it's only April and I'm already overheating at night. And a giant lint roller for my bed and cushions and stuff. *nod* So now, after a grocery run tomorrow, I shouldn't need to buy anything for a few weeks except bread and stuff. The cats have enough food (I started feeding them wet food cause of Soushi's system being all squirty... he's doing WAY better now.... guess a few extra dollars a month is worth it for him to be healthy) and I'm comfortable. No more cat hair in my underwear and pulls in my socks... yay! I'm gonna keep my eyes open for a light pair of summer shoes, cause man were my feet hot today.... I love my boots but yikes!

I have two more days off, and then Wednesday is the opening ceremony at Toko (3 day a week jr high), and I start a full week as of next Monday. I work Friday too, but I'm REALLY hoping they give me some time to prepare before telling me to teach anybody.............. gahh. I think I'm gonna spend the day indoors, or around my neighborhood. I have comfy PJs to lounge around in :P They're all piratey and stuff. Hehe. And I'm gonna try to get back into an exercise and study routine. But I want to keep writing, and apparently studying like mad and writing don't go together... so I need to balance it somehow.

That's all for now ^_^

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


I love how in a non-smoking subway station they have a cigarett vending machine yet no drinks...