Saturday, 28 March 2009

A Thought I've Had

I got a flyer today for an apartment building near by. The rooms are what's called 3LDK. That means 3 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, and kitchen. Back in the fall, when I was considering getting a room with a friend, I imagined something like a 1 or 2DK, cause they're cheep(er), but the thought of sharing a small space with someone else again was by itself too much. Me + small spaces + anybody else in them regularly = very foul-tempered me. But I was looking at the 3LDK, and they're pretty big! About 70 m2. With 3 rooms and two people, that seems like it would be a lot of space. Sure, you'd have to share the bathroom and kitchen, but I don't know, I guess I've changed. That idea doesn't seem so bad. And the rent, at least in the flyer I got which is, for the bigger room 1000 a month, would still be less than what I pay now split two ways. And that's a really nice building (I know where it is). So for a decent building, logically, the rent would be even less. I don't think they'd allow my cats in a really nice building anyway.

I'm not saying I'm gonna jump into a contract with a friend and move tomorrow, but Lindsey's moving to Tokyo in August, and now that we're both done being "I just moved to a foreign country" depressed (I'm gonna go with that being the technical term, caues it seems that the first several months - or in my case year - of being here everybody gets thrown for a bit of a loop and goes kinda wierd) and everything, the idea that we had back in Osaka of living together after school actually strikes me as nice. In a 3 bedroom place that was big enough, I'd still have my privacy, which is really all I need when it comes down to it and I'm feeling reclusive. I could shut the door. The spare room could be whatever we want, a study or something. And I wouldn't be by myself all the time. I think that's not only part of why I was so depressed, it's probably also partly why I'm thinking this is a good idea. I've been alone in a one room apartment with someone else in it maybe a few hours a month.

Anyway, I called Lindsey and talked to her about it a little, and I think we're gonna go to a real-estate agent and ask some questions. Of course there are a lot of questions that need to be asked - move in fee, what comes with an apartment, guaranter (only in Japan, grr), security deposit, and most important, can I have Soushi and Ophelia. If not, any building would be a no-go. I'm not leaving them for a bigger place. But I can't help thinking how nice it would be to stretch and not smack my hand on something, or to have a kitchen that 1) doesn't smell like mould that I can't find and 2) I can stand in and not have to step around shoes or be bumping into my front door... and a bathroom that I can step out of the shower and not have to try to do matrix moves around the sink and toilet.

It's worth looking into for me.

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