Sunday, 22 March 2009

eBook Converters

This is partly for my own reference, cause I don't think anybody else uses eBooks so much...

Anyway, I was messing with different file formats. I got a bunch of books in pdf and lit formats, and I can read pdfs pretty easily now on my ebook reader (Sony PRS-505) thanks to the firmware update (yay!). Lit, not so much. So I found a converter to take Lit files to PDF, ABC Lit Converter, which is nice except it watermarks the top of every page... which is just annoying. I get why they do it, but, just no. So instead of going straight to PDF, I saved it as RTF (a file type you can open in MS Word). From Word, save as an html document. Then from there, thanks to this webpage I found BBeB Binder, which is software that puts html files into BBeB or LRF files, which are made for the reader I have. Yay. Except when I open the BBeB file, the formating is ... special. And of course, my reader is too low on batteries to load the new files and let me see if it actually worked.

I like books better. Real books. Except I live in a closet. And I move around entirely too much. I am a fan of my reader though. It's nice to have it with me on the train and wherever. I'd love to be able to read Japanese books in it, but as far as I can figure out, with the possible exeption of pdf, which I've yet to try on the grounds of finding a Japanese book in pdf, I can't get. Well, I could hack it, as I've read of other people doing, but I'm not risking the machine. Unless Sony puts out the firmware, I'm not putting anything on it. Besides, there are hundreds of books on my reading list in English.

Random kitty aside - Ophelia is adorable. She just walks up to me, sits, looks up, and squeaks. the longer I look at her, the louder she squeaks. If I say something, she says something back. I'm trying to teach her "Go get your ball," and I think she may actually be understanding it, cause she'll go to the toy and look at it, then look at me, and squeak like "Come, human, throw this for me."

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