Sunday, 29 March 2009


I love kitty cuddles at night. (=^・^=) They~re nice. I hate that I have to roll over.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

This ticks me off!!

Tell me how this makes ANY kind of sense...

And yet the government is giving stamps to help people convert from analog to digital TV......

Just.... wow.....

A Thought I've Had

I got a flyer today for an apartment building near by. The rooms are what's called 3LDK. That means 3 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, and kitchen. Back in the fall, when I was considering getting a room with a friend, I imagined something like a 1 or 2DK, cause they're cheep(er), but the thought of sharing a small space with someone else again was by itself too much. Me + small spaces + anybody else in them regularly = very foul-tempered me. But I was looking at the 3LDK, and they're pretty big! About 70 m2. With 3 rooms and two people, that seems like it would be a lot of space. Sure, you'd have to share the bathroom and kitchen, but I don't know, I guess I've changed. That idea doesn't seem so bad. And the rent, at least in the flyer I got which is, for the bigger room 1000 a month, would still be less than what I pay now split two ways. And that's a really nice building (I know where it is). So for a decent building, logically, the rent would be even less. I don't think they'd allow my cats in a really nice building anyway.

I'm not saying I'm gonna jump into a contract with a friend and move tomorrow, but Lindsey's moving to Tokyo in August, and now that we're both done being "I just moved to a foreign country" depressed (I'm gonna go with that being the technical term, caues it seems that the first several months - or in my case year - of being here everybody gets thrown for a bit of a loop and goes kinda wierd) and everything, the idea that we had back in Osaka of living together after school actually strikes me as nice. In a 3 bedroom place that was big enough, I'd still have my privacy, which is really all I need when it comes down to it and I'm feeling reclusive. I could shut the door. The spare room could be whatever we want, a study or something. And I wouldn't be by myself all the time. I think that's not only part of why I was so depressed, it's probably also partly why I'm thinking this is a good idea. I've been alone in a one room apartment with someone else in it maybe a few hours a month.

Anyway, I called Lindsey and talked to her about it a little, and I think we're gonna go to a real-estate agent and ask some questions. Of course there are a lot of questions that need to be asked - move in fee, what comes with an apartment, guaranter (only in Japan, grr), security deposit, and most important, can I have Soushi and Ophelia. If not, any building would be a no-go. I'm not leaving them for a bigger place. But I can't help thinking how nice it would be to stretch and not smack my hand on something, or to have a kitchen that 1) doesn't smell like mould that I can't find and 2) I can stand in and not have to step around shoes or be bumping into my front door... and a bathroom that I can step out of the shower and not have to try to do matrix moves around the sink and toilet.

It's worth looking into for me.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

eBook Converters

This is partly for my own reference, cause I don't think anybody else uses eBooks so much...

Anyway, I was messing with different file formats. I got a bunch of books in pdf and lit formats, and I can read pdfs pretty easily now on my ebook reader (Sony PRS-505) thanks to the firmware update (yay!). Lit, not so much. So I found a converter to take Lit files to PDF, ABC Lit Converter, which is nice except it watermarks the top of every page... which is just annoying. I get why they do it, but, just no. So instead of going straight to PDF, I saved it as RTF (a file type you can open in MS Word). From Word, save as an html document. Then from there, thanks to this webpage I found BBeB Binder, which is software that puts html files into BBeB or LRF files, which are made for the reader I have. Yay. Except when I open the BBeB file, the formating is ... special. And of course, my reader is too low on batteries to load the new files and let me see if it actually worked.

I like books better. Real books. Except I live in a closet. And I move around entirely too much. I am a fan of my reader though. It's nice to have it with me on the train and wherever. I'd love to be able to read Japanese books in it, but as far as I can figure out, with the possible exeption of pdf, which I've yet to try on the grounds of finding a Japanese book in pdf, I can't get. Well, I could hack it, as I've read of other people doing, but I'm not risking the machine. Unless Sony puts out the firmware, I'm not putting anything on it. Besides, there are hundreds of books on my reading list in English.

Random kitty aside - Ophelia is adorable. She just walks up to me, sits, looks up, and squeaks. the longer I look at her, the louder she squeaks. If I say something, she says something back. I'm trying to teach her "Go get your ball," and I think she may actually be understanding it, cause she'll go to the toy and look at it, then look at me, and squeak like "Come, human, throw this for me."

Friday, 20 March 2009

Fighting a cold

I suppose that's what I get for wandering around last night with no coat... but it was hot!

I had a good night yesterday though. Hung out with Jen around Harajuku and Shibuya.

I wanted to go to the mountains today, but I don't want to go alone, so I'll wait till my next day off and see if someone wants to go with me.

I'm kinda torn about work. I have a new job starting April 1st. The pay period just ended at my current place, and part of me is tempted to just call it quits now and give myself a break. That way I wouldn't have to deal with waiting a month for my last bit of paycheck. But I know I'll need the money. Yuuuck. I'm so sick of being there. One more week. Over the next week I need to go through my clothes and see if I have clothes to wear to my new place that fit. I think I'm gonna need some new shirts. I was told that I shouldn't have to worry about shoes, cause the school makes you wear indoor shoes anyway. But I need to get those.... so, 1000 yen shoe store it is! There's one right by the station that has decent looking shoes. I get an office!! Yay!

I'm also torn about studying. Well, ok, not studying itsself, but the outcome of studying. I was gonna throw everything I've got at passing the level 1 in July, but I'm finding I want to do other things - write, play my guitar, read. And I'm having a lot of trouble with the endless lists of kanji. I'm only retaining maybe a quarter of the ones I learn. The others, I recognise (usually) but I can't read them. So I'm thinking that, even if I keep pushing myself like I've been doing, well, actually, I just don't want to do that anymore. It's not working and it's frustrating the rest of my life. So I'm gonna keep studying, and I'm gonna take the test in July, but I've already realised I have to postpone applying to Keio until next winter for the sake of I simply can't learn that much in that short of time - not working full time at any rate. So part of me is frustrated that I need to push grad school off another year, or more, but part of me is okay with it. I guess I'm buying the idea that this job will be less painful than the last two and it'll make it okay to wait a bit. At anyrate, I need to save the money and everything, and after working for a year and watching most of my money go to bills and loans and food and all the necessities, leaving me only a little, sometimes nothing, to play with, I kinda want to take it slow and relax with the money side a bit. Of course, I'm already talking months in the future, but ah well.

I want to take a nap. I may.... 3 day weekend..... *grin*

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


I got the job! I got it! Salaried. Pay raise. Insurance. Holidays. The whole deal. I got it. I didn~t think I would but I did. I have less experiance than the other girl who interviewed with me but I got it!

I~m so happy right now!

Maybe I~m jumping the gun a little by getting happy now. I still have to meet one more school and get my signature on a contract. But still.

Thank you God!!

And I~m writing this on my way to a completely separate interview but kyaaaaa!

Sunday, 8 March 2009



And Soushi laying down on top of the book I was using. (・ω・)