Thursday, 26 February 2009

Just a quick update

To say that I'm still alive. I haven't done much interesting lately. I've mostly been sitting in my apartment, studying and reading. I'm trying to do some writing too.

Tomorrow is payday. I don't think I like thinking of it like that, but that's how I'm thinking of it (cause my accounts are down to almost empty). Though it's also Friday, which means Harajuku with Jen and Amanda. Jen and I are bringing a change of clothes so we don't look like kindergarten teachers. We're gonna go bug Kazu, cause it's war now with him. He's such a putz. haha. Several weeks ago he asked if Jen and I were lesbians. o_O yes.... right.... our only workable theory is that was his awkward way of figuring out if we were single. We ignored him the rest of the night. We didn't go back there (cafe/bar with the world's best pasta!) for a couple of weeks, and when we did he was all tail between the legs "Do you know where the chicken's from? It's really random. Really Random. Know where it's from?? Brazil!! Have some fried chicken skins." (Again I make the face o_O That was an entertaining night) So last week Amanda was there, so we sat at a table instead of at the bar (from which we're in perfect range to harass him or Kei, whoever's on the grill), and he kept looking over at us, cause he was on the grill. It was actually kinda sad without him being a ditz all night. He wasn't there one time on a Friday a couple of weeks ago. We kept expecting him to come in with his PINK coat and perm any time. Anyway, we get up to check out, and of course, Kazu is standing around by the register waiting for us. Then he starts being all "Are you playing video games in dark rooms? Your eyes are really dark. I'm worried about you." And looks at Jen, like she's my keeper, and says "I'm really worried about her!" And of course the two of us are just going "You don't SAY that to a woman!!" (my eyes weren't THAT dark... >_>). He shoots back with a huffy "Fine, then I won't worry anymore." Then him and the new guy who work there are practically falling out of the door sending us off as we left. I have NO CLUE what was up with that. It was amusing though. Full joint, and they're hanging out of the door. So we're fabulousing ourselves up tomorrow with the full intention of giving him endless grief ALL NIGHT. bwahaha. I may splurge and get the pasta instead of the soup..... the pasta is really rediculously good.

That's about it. ^^

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