Saturday, 28 February 2009

Ah Saturday

Whenever the weekend comes, I want to be productive. I want to study/write/read/play my guitar (I actually want to play today!). Then I realise I haven't taken care of my living all week, and I find myself with a trashed apartment and grocery shopping to do. So today I turned domestic. I went to the grocery store. Then I went to the home store. Then I spent HOURS cleaning my kitchen and getting stuff off the floor, rearranging storage and whatnot. My icecream still won't freeze by the way. Then I got to chat with Ryan for a while, which I haven't done in the longest time, and it made me feel SO much better. Worlds better really. I miss him. But I had to cut the conversation short cause I had to go pick up Tomoko, the woman who found Soushi, and she stayed until almost 7. She's nice though. I kinda feel bad for dreading it so much. She brought treats for the kitties, and I felt bad cause Soushi's got diarreah again so I've got him on boring food for a while and he couldn't eat it. Then I went to the dollar store to get nail glue (I cut my nail in the shower the other day, down a good ways into the bed) and ended up with new chopsticks, a plate, and drain blockers for my bathtub and bathroom sink. No more dropping stuff down there. Bwahaha. Lets see how fast they rust. :P Then I got home, made a burger, and used my new plate.

We're going to karaoke tomorrow, yay! I haven't been in SO long. Totally not wasting time at subway. Eat and run. Hehe. Then Jen is bringing Seven to my vet cause he's sick. Poor little guy. I hope he does okay on the trains. It's pretty far, but my vet is really good and super nice, and nobody else is open on Sunday evenings.

I wrote a page and a half. I have no motivation tonight. It's late. I should go to bed soon so I can get up and not be late tomorrow. I'm always late on the weekend.

I have a plate. *nods*

My ba~by the boy version. He's still got goup in his eyes though. It got better, and now it's getting dark again. The vet said it wasn't ever going to really go away.

Girl version. hehe. Sleeping in my SOCK BOX AGAIN!! I can't get them out of there. One of these days I'll invest in a set of those clear drawer shelf thingies, but they're big and more than I'm willing to spend, and I'd have to carry it....................... ew.

Ahhhh, so sleepy. I didn't study a lick today. Not that it's paying off so much. I still go durrr when I speak. Ah well.

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