Tuesday, 6 January 2009

too fast

I haven~t had time to so much as breathe since I got back. Aside from work there~s just so much going on. It~s only Tuesday and I feel like it~s been at least a week. Job hunt is in full swing. Same with cat hunt. I have an interview tomorrow and I~m going to meet kitties on Saturday. I was hoping to go home and finish packing tonight but now with the interview tomorrow I have to find non kindergarten teacher clothes that aren~t full of wrinkles and go to the net cafe to print my resume and check out the company.

And at some point this weekend I~m making the treck out to Ikea to look for a desk.

I haven~t started studying for the kanji kentei. I have no idea when I~m gonna get to that. And next week sometime I want to look at the language school Jen was talking about. I need to write out what I want to do for my masters so by next month I can start visiting universities. I need to study for level 1 now...and I can~t find the series I used for 2 and I really liked it. That bit is going on the assumption that I passed 2.

I~m so glad this weekend is a 3 day. And I was informed today that I~m no longer working late on Tuesdays. I~m too relieved to be annoyed. It~s extra money though that I could have used. Oh well. I~m looking for a new job anyway. It~s wierd to think that I need to look for work with the mindset of working there for a year or so. Or at least more than a few months. I really want out of schools that are batty and cultish. I~d like a real school. ALT or something. I need to call and bug the one ALT recruiting company...Thursday. *sigh*

I hope I can get to Ikea on Saturday before seeing the kittens. I want Sunday to just chill. I feel like I~ve been running non stop since my plane landed. It~s not bad.....just busy. And I don~t have the energy to do all this and what I want to do. So those want-to-do things get absorbed into sleep. Then I feel like that sleep time really didn~t exist.

I want a cat.

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