Thursday, 29 January 2009


It seems resistance to being pushed all over the school is not appreciated..even after I made a point of talking to one boss about this last week. I pissed off other boss...lord knows which is actually my To be fair I was shaking in anger first. But now she wants a meeting with me tomorrow. Crap. Would they fire me? Possibly. Will I be okay? Hopefully...if I ignore my loans. Job is looking promising by April....

I really don~t want to deal with this right now. This month has been a nightmare at work and the only good to come of it are my cats. Big good actually. But angry to the point of shaking and almost crying. Not that they care. Nor do they know or even care if I~m a good teacher or not. I made waves. Oops. Surprised it~s taken this long for this `meeting.`

Now I~m forced to wear a mask waiting to see a doctor because wonder of wonders I~m sick again. I hate my breath blowing back at me. I want to go home and cuddle my kitties, make sure soushi~s okay, and go to bed. I don~t want to deal with stuff right now. I just don~t.

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