Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Meet my kitties!

The dark one is Souji - though Kouta insists it~s pronounced Soushi...jury~s still out. The white one is Ophelia.

Souji is a puppy trapped in a kitten~s body. He can~t climb...and he~s a touch on the side of dumb. But he looks at you as though he were human. And he~s so happy to see me when I get home that he meows and bumps against my legs until I pick him up and cuddle.

Ophelia~s still a baby. She~s rediculously skittish but as soon as you get your hand close enough to pet her she melts into purrs. She was supposed to be a he...but she~s not...so she~s living in a rabbit cage until Souji becomes an it.

I~m still not sure how exactly that mistake happened. But she~s adorable and mine. Hehe. Well. At least for a month.

I~m really looking forward to bed.

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