Sunday, 4 January 2009

I live

My arms and lungs hate me for carrying two giant things up a crap ton of stairs and then up and down hills though.

And my heater has to warm up to turn on. How dumb is that!

No new residents in my room so far though. Haven~t checked the loft yet. Too cold.

I have to go get groceries now. Bring on the falling apart tennis shoes! (no more not yet broken in dr martins today.....pain) I look rediculous. Cammo pants. Tennis shoes. Tshirt with giant music notes covered by gray sweatshirt covered in news print.

Oh yeah.

Oh. Heater turned on finally.

I~m not picking up my bass again today. Oh but TSA cut the duct tape and didn~t replace it. They lied to me this morning. I even asked before I taped it. Grr.

My hands don~t want to move any more. I have to get them to carry home my groceries yet so I think I~m gonna be nice to them.

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