Thursday, 22 January 2009

going on about my kitties

Souji is the sweetest little guy ever!

Last night when I went to bed he was curled up at my feet and he started hugging -if cats can hug- my foot. He had his head on top and front paws on either side and he was squeezing a little. Then around 3 I guess he had to use the bathroom or something cause I heard him half tumble down the ladder and then I woke up to the most pathetic yowl a little while later. When I looked over the edge he was looking up at me and meowed a little less pathetically. So I carried him back up and he curled up next to me.

He makes me smile. Ophelia~s so much cuter - she cuddles when I can manage to catch her - but Souji~s just such a sweet cat. I can~t believe I wasn~t going to keep him.

I need to get different litter. The orange stains their paws and I think Ophelia is playing in it...or she~s just too little and digging too deep.

I~ve been exhausted most of this week. The flu~s going around work. Well the kids so far. And yesterday they moved me to two different class rooms THEN had the nerve to touch me! The one administrator walked in saying ~Oh! We have a helper!~ and rubbed my shoulder. I wanted to haul off and hit her. Instead I calmly looked at her and said ~Yeah. I need to talk to you about that.~ Then proceeded to unload, respectfully, on her as to why, exactly, I was angry. A lot to do with getting pushed out of my classroom for the last 3 weeks. Her excuse was that I~m the only one qualified. Which is bull. They just hired a guy who~s supposed to do that. And all I did was help one kid in a class of 13 which apparently the teacher there can~t handle on her own. I don~t mind helping out once in a while but I~m at the end of my patience. I got a half-assed apology and told that today I~d be in my class again. They can move someone else today. I don~t care. I~m done. They can respectfully shoveit.

But I got to go home to sweet kitties yesterday and I honestly forgot about that till I got on the train today. I have a couple of jobs I~m chasing. Here~s praying I get one and can not worry about these loonies again.

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