Sunday, 30 November 2008

It~s 1AM

I~m awake, thirsty, and I ate a mikan. It was good.

I noticed I~ve been grinding my teeth a lot lately. Not sure why. My jaw kinda hurts.

Gah I~m gonna be so tired in the morning. But warm! My new heater is on timer, set to go off at 530. Ew that~s early. And ow my head hurts.

I love that my phone jingles! (^-^)

So aside from getting despirately needed groceries (two weeks without shopping.....) I spent all of today (and most of yesterday) watching Buffy and making Christmas presents. I ran out of Torchwood yesterday. Maybe next Saturday I~ll do a Star Wars marathon... or I could do what I~m supposed to and study for my test on Sunday *cringe* Studying tomorrow! Which means my bag for work is going to be

Ok. I~ll give sleep another go. I think my headache is interfering...or something. Pity a mikan isn~t enough to take motrin with.

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