Wednesday, 3 December 2008

100th post!

I got insurance today from the state. Yay for nationalised insurance plans. Well, it's a little annoying because they require that every adult be insured, with the national plan or a private plan, so since I wasn't and I didn't have the necessary documents and can't lie to save my life so didn't bother trying, I have to back pay from August, but it's just over 10 dollars a month for now, so I think I'll live. I'm actually a bit annoyed that I believed everyone who said it's so expensive, cause I could have used it a few weeks ago since I'm paying for it now anyway. It's income based, so cheep for me until April, then it goes up... hopefully not too much.

I took a nap when I got home today. I was a bit dehydrated so I drank a bit of a sports drink before I slept, but I was warm and cozy cause the sun was out today so my apartment didn't get cold, so I woke up with a nice headache. Grr.

I need to study. I don't wanna!!!

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