Saturday, 29 November 2008

Yay! net cafe post!

Woo!!!! New air conditioner!!! Doubles as a heater. I freaked the poor guy out...... he bolted out of my apartment as soon as he was done........ but what else am I supposed to do when there is a strange man working on something interesting in a room as small as mine?? All I did was watch.... and answered his questions.... like the inevitable "Does everyone really have a pistol in America?" *Hits head on something*

Oh, and I have no idea what this thing is! But it's growing on the tree next to the creepy steps that I refuse to go down cause they're not only creepy, but there's a hole in the wall on one side where it curves and... just no. I noticed it this morning though.

And wait for it.....

Christmas decorations!! I went to the craft store, cause it's all 20% off. So I got gifts... which I still have to make... and gummy things to stick on my wall. It's over my burner.....

Oh... and this (look down)

I made it for me.... it's attatched to my cell phone. It jingles, and it's green. YAY!!!

Ok, I'm going to get food now. Or I could go home and just eat rice......... My cold was better, and now it's coming back. WHY!!!??? Well, actually I'm just tired and my throat hurt when I got up this morning. At the moment I'm still caughing up the remnants of my last cold. I need to study......... instead I keep sitting in front of my computer, watching random stuff, and making things cause I'm too tired to use my brain today. Ah well..........

No, I think I'll go to Sizeria and get food cause it takes an hour to cook rice..... and I forgot to eat dinner.... so maybe I'll... either pretend to study or pretend to write something... not sure which. I love my dragon fly! hehe.

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