Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Russia~s just being childish now

It would be more amusing if it didn~t involve missiles. I have to chuckle over the pettiness though, cause all I picture are five year olds going `But that was mine!` and the US 5yr old hugging a missile cartoon style saying `But he said I could use it!` and the kremlin whining again `But that was MINE!`

Ironic that Gazettes Saraba, the hippy part, is playing right now on my headphones.

`An anti-war song. An anti-war song. I sing it all together...` hehe Oh Gazette.

Seriously, get out of kindergarten already! My five year olds are going to have that fight today, cause they do every day, and I~m gonna die laughing.

`But it was mine!`



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