Saturday, 1 November 2008

Gah I~m an adult!

What I bought with my paycheck - point of note...I~m actually pleased with this

glass container - to be used for loose tea
clamps so my futon doesn~t fall off my balcony
a flat bento box with locks
a green toilet brush and holder
ziploc sandwich bags
a mini 350mL thermos for my bag
a glass bin to keep my pasta away from my insect roommates
30 pack of Blendy cafe ole mix - totally why I got the mini thermos
cream soup
mikan - mini oranges
genmai tea
bags to put the genmai tea in cause I~m without a teapot
organic pasta cause it~s the closest thing to wheat here
a mini spray bottle to take my body spray in my bag - I~ve ran into the need for this SO many times...and it was only a 100 yen
a giant can of sliced pineapple cause it was only 80 yen haha!
mushroom cream sauce
and japan~s attempt at meat sauce

All in all I spent around 8000 yen - under 80 bucks - and I~m quite pleased.

Now all I need is a place to put it........

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