Sunday, 30 November 2008

It~s 1AM

I~m awake, thirsty, and I ate a mikan. It was good.

I noticed I~ve been grinding my teeth a lot lately. Not sure why. My jaw kinda hurts.

Gah I~m gonna be so tired in the morning. But warm! My new heater is on timer, set to go off at 530. Ew that~s early. And ow my head hurts.

I love that my phone jingles! (^-^)

So aside from getting despirately needed groceries (two weeks without shopping.....) I spent all of today (and most of yesterday) watching Buffy and making Christmas presents. I ran out of Torchwood yesterday. Maybe next Saturday I~ll do a Star Wars marathon... or I could do what I~m supposed to and study for my test on Sunday *cringe* Studying tomorrow! Which means my bag for work is going to be

Ok. I~ll give sleep another go. I think my headache is interfering...or something. Pity a mikan isn~t enough to take motrin with.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Yay! net cafe post!

Woo!!!! New air conditioner!!! Doubles as a heater. I freaked the poor guy out...... he bolted out of my apartment as soon as he was done........ but what else am I supposed to do when there is a strange man working on something interesting in a room as small as mine?? All I did was watch.... and answered his questions.... like the inevitable "Does everyone really have a pistol in America?" *Hits head on something*

Oh, and I have no idea what this thing is! But it's growing on the tree next to the creepy steps that I refuse to go down cause they're not only creepy, but there's a hole in the wall on one side where it curves and... just no. I noticed it this morning though.

And wait for it.....

Christmas decorations!! I went to the craft store, cause it's all 20% off. So I got gifts... which I still have to make... and gummy things to stick on my wall. It's over my burner.....

Oh... and this (look down)

I made it for me.... it's attatched to my cell phone. It jingles, and it's green. YAY!!!

Ok, I'm going to get food now. Or I could go home and just eat rice......... My cold was better, and now it's coming back. WHY!!!??? Well, actually I'm just tired and my throat hurt when I got up this morning. At the moment I'm still caughing up the remnants of my last cold. I need to study......... instead I keep sitting in front of my computer, watching random stuff, and making things cause I'm too tired to use my brain today. Ah well..........

No, I think I'll go to Sizeria and get food cause it takes an hour to cook rice..... and I forgot to eat dinner.... so maybe I'll... either pretend to study or pretend to write something... not sure which. I love my dragon fly! hehe.

Friday, 28 November 2008


It would appear as though I left the spout attatched to the washing machine on since I last used it - a week ago.

That~s gonna be expensive.

My poinsetta~s dead.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

It~s raining

I need health insurance. I need to be able to go to the doctor when I~m sick and not worry about how much it~ll kill my budget. I~m sick way too often. I never thought too much about it...except that whenever I got sick I was sick for weeks.

The only medicine I have left works but I shouldn~t be taking it. It gives me a monster headache and the first warning says don~t take if you~ve ever had an allergic reaction to egg....

I~m gonna start job hunting again as soon as I come back in January I think. This is dumb.

Saturday, 15 November 2008


It~s dying and I don~t know how to make it better. All the leaves are falling off!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Rice cookers are multi-functional

Since I only have one burner, my pot `o (hopefully) yummy is being warmed in my rice cooker while I cook pasta. I should get a plate.

I~m so happy I know where to buy Campbell~s now. Mm, good! I~m so stocking up on ministrone with my next paycheck.

Oh, my rice cooker also makes cake. But I can~t eat that....and the cake tray is about the size of a tea plate and an inch and a half deep....

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Russia~s just being childish now

It would be more amusing if it didn~t involve missiles. I have to chuckle over the pettiness though, cause all I picture are five year olds going `But that was mine!` and the US 5yr old hugging a missile cartoon style saying `But he said I could use it!` and the kremlin whining again `But that was MINE!`

Ironic that Gazettes Saraba, the hippy part, is playing right now on my headphones.

`An anti-war song. An anti-war song. I sing it all together...` hehe Oh Gazette.

Seriously, get out of kindergarten already! My five year olds are going to have that fight today, cause they do every day, and I~m gonna die laughing.

`But it was mine!`



They had Campbell~s!!!

And 3 for 1000 yen packs of meat!

Now all I want are crackers.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

International news

Why is it that humanitarian aide is stopped as soon as there~s a humanitarian crisis?

Thank you Jenny!!!

Note to self...tatami mat probably not the best place for it...turn it off before leaving the room.

*basks in the not cold*

Train adventures

To start, I have to comment that sitting on the end of the row and having someone shove their rear end into my arm when the train is not crowded makes me want to stick something sharp and painful there. Unnecessary physical contact with a body part I don~t want near me!

So adventure, yes. I nearly passed out this morning for apparently no reason. This is apparently not uncommon for women my age. I want to know why.

I always get on the low heat car cause rush hour trains don~t need to be heated. And I take off my coat before I get on. I was fine until about 30 or so minutes of standing. The car wasn~t crowded. No seats but no body crowding me. All the sudden I started getting really hot. I tried to move my hair. I rolled up my sleeves. I was still overheating. A few minutes later I started feeling seriously naucious. I moved nearer to the door to get the breeze at the next station, and while I was standing there my head went funny, my legs almost gave out, and most of my vision went dark. I could only see the part of the door right in front of me. When we stopped again, thank God the doors I was at opened, I managed to get off, and again thank God there were seats right there cause I barely made it to them. I just dropped my stuff and curled over.

By the time the next train came 5 minutes later I had a nasty headache, but otherwise I was ok. I ate a good breakfast. I wasn~t overdressed. It wasn~t crowded. I~m not sick or overly tired. I didn~t eat anything I~m not supposed to. I can~t think of a single reason why that happened.

Etsuko said it happens a lot to `young women` but that~s probably because their definition of `diet` is `don~t eat` and `thin` is `skeletal.` Trust me, I don~t have that problem. Mmm beef.

I dunno. I don~t get it.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

I cook once a week

My chicken from last week is still one serving left. bwahaha

So I hope this is good. I needed to use up my broccoli before it started sprouting. The meat~s a bit fatty...but it was 20percent off. And the cabbage was partially frozen. But it smells good.

I got a 5kg bag of rice today. If I have to get more rice before January I~ll cry.

Monday, 3 November 2008

bento boxes

The red one is new. My previous experiment says it~s a bit more leak proof than the gray one. I~m still double bagging it.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

genmai tea

It~s basically brown rice tea. This one has other stuff but plain is yummy too.

Gah I~m an adult!

What I bought with my paycheck - point of note...I~m actually pleased with this

glass container - to be used for loose tea
clamps so my futon doesn~t fall off my balcony
a flat bento box with locks
a green toilet brush and holder
ziploc sandwich bags
a mini 350mL thermos for my bag
a glass bin to keep my pasta away from my insect roommates
30 pack of Blendy cafe ole mix - totally why I got the mini thermos
cream soup
mikan - mini oranges
genmai tea
bags to put the genmai tea in cause I~m without a teapot
organic pasta cause it~s the closest thing to wheat here
a mini spray bottle to take my body spray in my bag - I~ve ran into the need for this SO many times...and it was only a 100 yen
a giant can of sliced pineapple cause it was only 80 yen haha!
mushroom cream sauce
and japan~s attempt at meat sauce

All in all I spent around 8000 yen - under 80 bucks - and I~m quite pleased.

Now all I need is a place to put it........