Thursday, 11 September 2008


I guess I~ve been dreaming more often lately. Last night was wierd. I had a nightmare that I woke up from and realized I~d been crying in my sleep. And Lindsey apparently had a really bad nightmare too.

I dreampt I was at the airport on my way to Michigan and I realized I had forgotten to get a re-entry permit. In my dream that meant I couldn~t leave the country. In reality it makes it really difficult to get back in. So dream me was incredibly upset-in the hysterical crying sort of way. All my big stressors from the last few months came out..homesick, money, GEOS, all of it. In the end the airport official-who looked remarkably like the nonpsychotic office lady at my school made it all better, but I still woke up with a not so good feeling and was a bit distressed all morning.

Not to worry though. I already had been planning on getting the permit in two Mondays from now cause I have the day off.

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