Saturday, 27 September 2008

my apartment is clean!

Again. I shouldn~t let it get so messy. It~s too small for that.

I went and bought more tatami mats to cover the flooring so i don~t kill it. I~m regretting not buying more of the one I bought before. It was cheeper and made nicer. Ah well. At least my floor won~t die. And I love the smell. And everyone keeps telling me I~m not American for saying that cause apparently Americans generally hate the smell.

heh. Never in my life have I been called normal anyway.

I also finally have a shower curtain. It really brightens my bathroom up a lot. I was waiting to find a green curtain but I gave up cause my towel getting wet just irritates the daylights out of me. I picked the least ugly one.

Oh and I just want to let you know how to leave comments here. On the page where you see my entry there~s what I~m writing now and then just at the bottom of what I~ve written there~s a link that says 0 comments or 1 comment. Click that and on the top right of the next page there~s a white box you can type in. There should also be a place to enter your name. Just submit that. It should be in English...but google tends to do its own thing with my language settings.

In other happenings I~ve decided that Chuck Berry~s bassist had huge hands. Ow~~~!σ(^◇^;)。。。 pain.

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