Saturday, 2 August 2008

this weekend~s to-do list

You know you~ve reached the epitome of lazy when you use your phone to write a to-do list from bed so you don~t have to get up and turn the light on.

Whatever. I~ve decided that I need to spoil myself when it comes to certain things. I~m too exhausted mentally, and I don~t want to land myself somewhere that will make life harder. So that means I~m posting a to-do list from my bed. Probably not surprising, but it actually is a relief to not get up and turn the light on. I like the dark, and it~s quieter here so I~m not scared of it.

So this weekend~s to-do list..

sort out bills
figure out this month~s budget
pick up my room
get juice
possibly go to yodobashi camera
interview at an international elementary school
possibly go to ikebukuro

I found a copy of the Nightwatch novel. I~m not sure if it was a novel first-I think it was-but I saw the movie with Ben two years ago I think. We watched the second movie Daywatch this last winter. They~re Russian films. I liked the first better. I think maybe it had a lower budget. In Daywatch they did too much with stunts and graphics and it looked kinda silly at times.

Anyway. I got bored with Prince Caspian even though there~s about a chapter left. It just didn~t have the magic I was hoping for. I~d still like to read it in English sometime though. I did really like the first half. I think I just got ancy. Nightwatch is gonna take a while to get through even if I don~t get bored. I pretty much understand it all but I read a LOT slower in Japanese.

Oh! I met with Tom last weekend. I~ll put up pictures and write more about it from my computer later. Maybe I~ll add that to my to-do list-along with translating the MONSTERS DATA BOOK that Lindsey bought for me. I miss Lindsey. I should write about hanging out with her too- cause last weekend was the best I~ve had since I got here. I might cry though. We~ll see.

My hands are going numb.

I still haven~t beaten Portrait of Ruin....stupid vampire hunter being harder that Death AND Dracula at the same time.

Ok. I think I~m done babbling now.

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