Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Mailing post problem

I`ve been trying to email posts in the last few days, but apparently google is having issues and the emails aren`t going through. I`m at an internet cafe right now, and I posted my last entry that I wrote up Sunday cause yeah, that was special and I don`t want to relive it by thinking about it again.


Dragon flies here are nasty looking too. I think they`re pretty back home. Here they`re diareah green or brown and their faces are just evil looking. And I heard they hurt if you get bit.

So, update on my life.

I left GEOS on Saturday. It was painless for the most part. Nobody gave me too much trouble, but I was made to lie to all of my students and say that I was leaving the country due to illness. It was okay at first, unti I had to tell people I care about, and say it 50 different times, and make up a flight time... Very very wrong. I`m not sure when I`ll stop feeling bad about that.

But I did recieve most of my salary. I didn`t get the comission I`m due for renewals and interviews, or the money for the extra hours I worked.... but that`s really to be expected. I`m fairly sure they cheeted me out of something else somewhere. Whatever. By the time I left on Saturday I wanted to destroy the building. It`s over, and I don`t have to deal with them ever again - except when tax time rolls around. *sigh*

I`m also all moved in to my new apartment. If you want my address, email my phone because I don`t have internet, cafe`s are expensive, and while I can check my gmail account on my phone, it gets a little expensive and I don`t do it every day. Though I will probably end up back here this weekend to pay my bills.... unless I can get to Ritchie`s computer...

The apartment`s small, but the loft is nice. It`s cute, but old an the paint is chipping everywhere, and there are roaches (who are currently being slaughtered -hopefully- by a water bomb) and a very large dead cicada outside my door.... It`s to be expected from cheep housing this close to the station and so close to downtown. The bugs are the only thing that bother me. And the stairs getting to my floor. Especially when wet. Stairs of DOOM!!! Steep, tall, and narrow. Not good for someone as clumsy as me. Guess I learn how to move slowly and carefully. I really don`t want to fall down or up them. There are bug corpses there, and that would hurt. I`ll post a picture or two whenever google decides to stop being dumb.

I also started my new job today. I spent most of the day cleaning the room, hanging stuff up, and covering stuff in contact paper. Apparently I`ll be teaching science and math. Math is every morning, science is once a week. I`m excited. My coworkers are all nice, and the expat ones (like me) don`t strike me as the obnoxious type that I`m embarassed to walk next to - the type that make station attendants roll their eyes when a white person walks up to the counter to ask a question like the jerk did with me today - so that`s another bonus. And the teacher I`m working with is really nice. Her voice is really loud though, so it was a little painful when she was going through the curriculum books reading over my shoulder. Hehe.

I have to figure out how to manage my room with no closet. I got a set of metal shelves. They`re small but my arms are going to die carrying them home. And they don`t have drawers, but you can buy cloth boxes or baskets and whatnot... I just don`t have the money right now, and the ones at the stores I`ve been to are dorky looking. I also got curtains, cause I realized last night after my shower that yeah.... two large windows make the room feel nice and airy, but yeah... Well I only bought curtains for the one window cause it`s clear. The other has that fuzzy glass that you can`t really see through, so it can wait until after I scrounge up the money for a washing machine. I considered using coin laundry, but though I live in 1980`s Tokyo suburbia, there are apparently no coin laundry places anywhere near my building. Actually I haven`t seen one anywhere in my town.... I`m not sure how that`s gonna work out, cause I really don`t have the money to buy one this month, but I need to wash my clothes before October rolls around.

Ok, this is long enough. Haha. I`m gonna go figure some stuff out now.

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