Tuesday, 5 August 2008

I~m sleepy

I slept 8 hours yesterday too. I~m going to have to go to bed as soon as i get home today. I have to be up by seven.

My 5 day holiday is down to 4 days. Monday I interviewed at an international elementary school. They had me do an impromptu afternoon with the summer school kindergarten so I was there from 11 to 1:30 and they gave me lunch and money for the train. I didn~t think they~d call me back even though I really enjoyed it. The head teacher kept telling me to help out and play with the kids when she~d peek in...the best moment being right AFTER I stood up from a table going over phonics with the kids( ̄▽ ̄;)

She must have talked to the classroom teacher though cause they called me yesterday and I~m going in from 9:30 to 2 tomorrow. I hope I can take that as a good sign. They pay hourly just over what I~m getting now for 6 hours a day 5 days a week with opportunities for adult evening classes and Saturday school. And they~ll help me find an apartment if they offer me a job. And it~s in a really nice town on the border of Tokyo and Kanagawa. I hung out there with Ritchie all Monday afternoon until 10 when we both decided we should get on the train. It was a fun day and so very unexpected.

I also got to play my new bass in a practice studio-one of the halfadozen things Ritchie and I ended up doing out of the blue.

Today I have 6 classes back to back. (´Д`) And I~m so tired. I kinda wish I had kept this whole week off like I had planned. They~re mostly adult private lessons. And there is a ton of space on this bench. Why do men find it necessary to sit so freaking close? It~s hot which means I~m easily annoyed and don~t they know how bad they smell? (`ε´) Go sit next to the Japanese girl. She~s not gonna find a place in your ribs to jam her elbow.

Seriously the majority of Japanese men I~ve met 30 or older are disgusting foul manneredpigs. *sigh* I miss my car. Or the Keihan train. That had individual seats.

Anywho. I~m gonna read until my stop and then dose up on caffeen before my classes start.

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