Thursday, 3 July 2008

No News on the Job Front

I worked up the courage to actually CALL Sagan Speak, instead of e-mail because the recruiter didn't respond to my email I sent a few days ago. So, the update is that there is no update. The Japanese liason with the school was off for a week, but still there was no contact FROM the school, so off or not there wouldn't be any news. He's calling the school today to bug them, and if there's not a positive response by tomorrow then we're looking at other alternatives.

A performing arts school would have been awsome simply for the collegues. The downfall is that even though I could live in the same area, it's 40 minutes in the opposite direction from Tokyo, so unless I made friends with said colleagues (who are probably way older than me) I still will be isolated during the work week. The other opportunities are in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Pray for me. I've been finding some peace in God. Work has also been a lot less horrid now that Mayuka is gone and Junko is so sweet and actually cares about the foreign teachers and how they are surviving here. I think if she'd be the manager when I first came, I wouldn't be in such a bad place.

Tomorrow I go to Tokyo for training - which is apparently exactly like the training we had in Vancouver which was all about how to make the school money. Nothing to do with teaching. Joy of joys. We're supposed to wear skirts. My skirt falls off my butt, and I have a bit of a beef with a company that says I have to wear a skirt cause I'm female. And it's July 4th, so I'm going to be an obnoxious American and wear a pants suit (and my knee high boots! but those don't show).

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