Sunday, 22 June 2008

I was productive!

I was gonna get up early and go to church, cause I found one near by... but I didn't hear my alarm and I didn't wake up until 40 minutes after service started. *doh!* So I went back to bed. I slept like a rock. 12 hours, and I needed it. I didn't feel like I overslept at all.

I got up at 3:15ish and right away started cleaning. I figured if I didn't get up for church, I should do something to make myself feel a little better, so now my apartment is pretty near spotless, except the junk on the table that I don't know what to do with. Bathroom is all clean too, and I vaccuumed and washed my floors (I washed them!! I don't think Gary and mom will believe me :P ). And I scrubbed down the kitchen, again, second time this week. Then I went grocery shopping and got fresh veggies (3 dollars for 2 ears of corn *dies* but I really wanted corn.... I have a feeling it's not nearly as good as Michigan corn though.... *sniffle*) and a 5k bag of rice and chicken and a beef/pork ground mix. Then I went to the drug store and got more de-stinky for my toilet cause I was out, and more soap for the kitchen, cause I was nearly out, and more shampoo, cause I had a day's worth left, and then I found de-stinky for the kitchen sink! There aren't any disposals (usually) here, but there's a catch under the flap for the drain, and the filter is REALLY tiny, and it doesn't matter how much you wash it, rotting veggies just stick in there and stink to high heaven. So now my kitchen smells like a pool *wrinkles nose* But I guess that's better than rotting veggies. Oh, and I bought 2 litres of tea, water, coke, and mitsuya cider.... cause it's cheepest there. And that'll last me a good while. I so had better not spend any more money this week on food or drink or... okay, I may go to the show tomorrow, but aside from that... groceries and de-stinkifiers were expensive!

Then I made dinner.

Salad of pretty yummy lettus, moyashi, fresh tomato (^___^), kimchi, and a little bit of parmesan cheese. No dressing. That's what the kimchi's for. Then the hamburger is the beef/pork stuff with yakiniku sauce (I mashed it in while I was shaping the burger) and negi and moyashi cooked together. And then rice with soy sauce and some oil that Sunmi got me eating at Gaidai.

The burger was okay. Good for Japan, but not comparable to a nice juicy ground sirloin burger, or buffalo burger... I shall eat those in December when I visit. Oh.... wait, corn probably isn't fresh any more by December... *sad face*

Then after dinner I cleaned my loft and switched my sheets on my futon. I hate that thing. I'll sleep on the floor, but gaaah!!! that mat is a piece of junk. And the floor is wood, so ow! Last time I had a tatami mat under me, which are quite comfy (and smell really nice!), but goo, I hate my bed. But it's no longer dusty and hairy up there, so that's good.

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