Thursday, 5 June 2008

and now i~m sick

and as much as i loathe going into work the timing is terrible. i meet with the principal at the high school in togane and if all went well my plan was to take tuesday off to apartment hunt and give my two week~s notice on wednesday. mostly this is just bad form taking sick days right before i quit. i nearly stayed home this morning. mostly because i flat out didn~t want to go. now i~m thinking tomorrow is going to be spent drinking airborne and getting yelled at by my supervisor.

my throat is really tight and hurting when i swallow. i first noticed it on the way home tonight. it~s gotten progressively worse and now my sinuses are filling、 my stomach is upset、 and my head hurts. this may actually mean a trip to the doctor though i~m really hoping not. it~s expensive and i~m only on company insurance (i~m supposed to be on the national insurance which would resolve part of this problem but geos apparently lied about that bit) and nobody bothered explaining it to me. when i ask about simpler things i get a circular answer. something tells me this will be the same. but at least i have the money now if i have to go. and i also have my unemployment form finally so that equals a bit of leveraging power...moreso in terms of if they pull what the tax office did and fire me for giving my notice.

i need to sleep but any way i lay is uncomfortable. i blame the two kids yesterday and today who came in sick. grr.

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