Tuesday, 29 April 2008

a slightly frustrated rant

i hate feeling like i~m being brushed off. "ok. you~re not amusing anymore so quit speaking." i hate that the only people i know here make me feel like that all the time.

it sucks that i have this long vacation..the only one until new year...and i cant go anywhere. and the people i know in this city aren~t amused by me enough to want to hang out it seems. i hate being bored. i don~t want to read or play games or sit at my computer. i want to go DO something. but everytime i do i end up in a foul mood cause the people around me are all in pairs or groups and i~m by myself.

maybe i should have suffered a two hour car ride and the awful sun to go to the park. at least my coworker~s HAVE to talk to me.

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