Sunday, 6 April 2008

I`m here ... sorta

And I just remembered why I`m not a fan of Japanese keyboards.

Anyway, I`m in an internet cafe that I`m frighteningly familiar with (that would be Harajuku Alpha......... yeah, been here a lot). I have internet in my hotel, but I can`t get it to work. And I wanted to come here to see something familiar and remind myself of the fact that I`m in Japan. I thought maybe I just hadn`t realized it yet, but I think my reaction just isn`t what I expected. I`m excited to be here, yes, but I`m not actually feeling excited or different. I feel natural - not unhappy, not awkward, just like I never really left. It`s wierd. Mostly now I have to keep reminding myself that my phone doesn`t work and Lindsey and Chieko are on another continent.

But I have a bunch of running to do today, and it`s already getting later than I expected. I`ll try to check in as often as I can though.

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