Saturday, 19 April 2008


tv on my phone! it makes me giggle.

and sa ryang~s va is wierd and disliked. and they fail at pronouncing damdok and a few of the other names. and pe yonjun~s va is also odd but he was only in the preview cause today was episode 3. and sujini was far too girly but her adult va sounded good.

it~s so nice to watch that show and not read subtitles. i~m catching so much more of the dialogue since i was just watching the action and pretty costumes before and wishing i knew korean so i had a clue what was going on.

still not over sa ryang~s voice. or the ~kiha sama~ instead of ~kiha nim~


i love that show. i bought part one of the novel last week but i haven~t had the energy to read it yet. i~m so glad it~s just now coming out here. i get to fangirl all over again!

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