Thursday, 10 April 2008

the first few days

yay! phone update. japanese phones are fantastic.

uh where did i leave off? sunday was harajuku and shibuya run. that was strange to do alone and without my phone to email lindsey and chieko. then i ate at yoshinoya.

monday i ran all over chiba to register. finally the fourth place i was sent to on the other end of the city was the right place. then i got my phone which was quite exciting. the poor salesman who helped me was super nice. he even stepped into the pouring rain to point out how to get to the bank was its own adventure but i managed to deposit some of my traveler~s checks. i need to go tomorrow before work and take care of the rest so i have money for this weekend. apparently there~s a party saturday for me at the bar near the school. i wouldn~t really want to go on a normal day but sat. morning i have to walk all of my bags from this hotel to the school then after work take them by train to another hotel a half hour away only to move again sunday morning...alone. and they want me to be social and drink with my students somewhere during this. what happened to ゛off the clock is my time゛? not to mention the actual timing. i get off at 8 and have to check into
the hotel asap. the party starts at 8:30.

so that~s where i am. i~m not really up to talking about how work itsself is going. it~s stressful、 frustrating、 and just saps any joy i get out of teaching...which is disheartening. and the company has just been full of lies up to this point. but i~ll make it one way or another. maybe it would have been easier coming in blind and dependant. maybe it would have held off the frustration at least until i was done living in a hotel. ah well. i have to make the best of what i have. i walked into this with my eyes open so i have no one to blame but me.

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