Saturday, 19 April 2008

100% better

i have forever until my train comes and nobody~s awake for me to bug. so yeah.

i took a sick/mental health day yesterday and it did me a world of good. i was feeling physically way better when i woke up. and a bit more positive. and then ellie brought me hot soup and another get better bag with yogurt and juice and sports drinks. and it was really the hot soup and her smile. she doesn~t know me at all but she~s always so ready to help. i~m not going to ask someone to bring me soup and juice. but she did and smiled and i thought maybe this was god~s way of saying ~i hear you crying. you~re not alone. trust me~

that really changed how i~ve been looking at everything. there is still a lot that i don~t like. but hearing god speak and answer me so directly and ellie just being so nice really brought me up out of my nightmare. i feel like me again. yeah i~m never going to like everything. i~m far too picky for that. but work needs me too much to fire me for not being the automaton they want. so i~m going to be the crazy wonderful me that god made. with all of my human quirkiness. and i~m going to be the best darn teacher i can be for time i~m here.

god~s awesome. in a few days he~s taken me from super low to higher than i was before i got here. i~m even kinda excited about some of my students. like this one couple i have as a private lesson. their english is really mostly japanese. but they~re so excited to learn and they have so much fun just talking to me that it makes the 50 minutes super awesome. i~m really bummed they~re not coming next week. they~re going to australia. i think its so awesome how much fun they have together. i hope when i~m old my husband will want to study a language and learn horseback riding and travel all over with me. i think i~m going to ask that if i ever find someone i~m considering marrying.

and then there~s one of my students who~s a hockey player. he~s going to hong kong and san fransisco and new york to play. and apparently there~s a hockey stadium in tokyo! i did not know this!o(^o^)o so the other teachers are all ~it~s so cool. he~s half russian~ and i~m all ~dude! he plays hockey!!~*dork*

yeah. my stops next so i~m done now. hehe.

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