Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Pardon me while I FREAK OUT!


Okay, actually, I'm way better than I was... oh... about a half hour ago. I finished my packet (which was due a week and a half ago) and sent it away. So now I can refocus on somehow managing the mess that has eaten my room and gah! I only have four days left!

That's a freaky thought.

I really had no clue what I was doing while making the lessons for that packet I just did. Zero confidence right now, but I know if they show me how to do it, I'll learn. Just, guh, that was frustrating. I'm terrified of blank stares. Really really not sure what I'd do. I hope I don't make a horrible teacher. I may not make the best, but I'd like to be good..... I like to do a good job, even if I'm not really certain I'm going to suit the job, or like the job, or anything, I still want to do it well.

Ok, really need to crack down on the mess.


Fay said...

Caaaallllll meeeeeee.....

*sniffle* I lefted two messages already... I need to talk to my Essie before she vanishes once more to that land over the seas.

aunt said...

OH! I think MAYBE I got it.
I clicked on a bunch of Japanese letters, I think. You forget, my dear, that I cannot read that stuff!
:) Let me know if I did it right. I somehow landed up with an account... ?