Friday, 29 February 2008

The Last of the Mohecans

I remember catching a part of the movie years ago... I thought it was the end.... it might have been that final battle scene cause I remember the Mohecan dude and the one woman on a mountain..............

Anyway, just finished reading the book, and, well, I gotta say, it was good until the end. Ok, so Le Subtil should NOT have survived as long as he did. Hawkeye totally shot him in the head half way through! Or at least that's what I read, and I read that part twice because the very next scene Le Subtil scampers off with his tail between his legs.

Anyway, Le Subtil is a Huron, fighting with the French during the French and Indian war. The biggest thing that bugged me was how vilanized the Hurons were, not just Le Subtil who was, quite clearly, the main villan. Vilanized and made into total barbarians, while the author didn't show that much of a racial slant against the Indians in the book with his depiction of the two Mohecans and the main body of the Dakotas. They're very romanticised and depicted as overly simple, but the Hurons were shown as completely opposite in every way to the point of revolting. I dunno, that just irked me throughout the book.

Anywho, at the start of the book Le Subtil is fighting with the Mohawks against the French (allied with the British Americas). He's appointed as a guide to escort the British commander's two daughters to a fort that they know is currently about to be attacked by a huge French force. (uh..huh... yeah, not too bright). Anyway, Major Heyward, who is with them, figures out that "An Indian can't get lost in the woods" which Le Subtil apparently has. (Also with them is a pretty useless bard, David) They conveniently stumble on a British scout, Hawkeye, and his two Mohecan friends, Uncas and his father Chingachgook. Le Subtil manages his first escape, and the party retreats to an island they believe is totally protected. It's not, they get attacked, and David gets shot but doesn't die. Hawkeye, Uncas, and Chingachgook make it off the island barely, while the rest get captured by the Hurons. During the rescue scene is where I was pretty certain Le Subtil got shot in the head.... but apparently not, and he gets away and the party is reunited.

They make it to the fort, barely make it in, the fort surrenders, and the prisoners are massachred by the Hurons. My history knowledge of that particular war is pretty hazy, so I have no clue if that's based on an actual event or not. Fort was called William Henry. I'll probably look it up eventually, cause I'm curious. Anyway, Le Subtil is with the attackers again and actually has apparently instigated this attack. The sister's and the singer are captured, and it's a hunt to rescue them.

Anyway, I won't say the ending in case you actually want to read it. It irked me because it wasn't in tune with the rest of the book. But I probably would have thought the book romantic rubbish otherwise, so the book gets a 3/5 from me. It was just wonderfully refreshing to read something I hadn't read before that wasn't.... crap. It was an enjoyable read though, to be truthful. I'm just a bit of a critic, and the typos in my version were getting on my nerves... and I pretty much wanted to smack everybody but Hawkeye, who is, in a word, awesome.

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