Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Three hours of sleep =

BAD! We don't function too well on that little sleep to begin with, and I'm missing Ryan a ton, and people were cranky at work because my boss lacks a concept of time, so today was just.... exhausting. I managed to hold back tears till I got into the bathroom though. Stupid not being able to sleep.

I have to do my taxes. Wonder if I'll get anything back. Probably not. I barely made anything. Last year I owed a few bucks. Boo. I need to get my resume together and reapply (for the third time) to manga translating places. I've been doing a lot more translating lately, partly to fill the time and keep my Japanese sharp, partly because I need something to obsess over. It's actually kinda fun, well, that material is anyway. I love Mix Speaker's,Inc. They make me so happy.

I might get to go see the Monster Wars finale! But I have to find someone in Japan to pick the tickets up for me next week. That's the only hitch in this plan. But otherwise, I'm totally going!

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