Saturday, 19 January 2008

So far this week

I'm actually pretty pleased with how most things have been going. I'm enjoying my new job, even though for now I have a ton of down-time just waiting for the phone to ring. But everyone in the office is really nice, and they're all being super patient with me learning how things go. For my credit, I don't think I'm doing at all bad. I got talked to today about being too polite and formal with the people in the office. o.O Ok.

I spent yesterday giggling over a book Chieko gave me for Christmas. ^__^ I guess they're making a movie about L (DeathNote)? Anyway, this book has a short story about L, a spin off of the DeathNote movies, and then a hand full of picutres of the actor who played him. That actor was perfect for L. Much love for him. He did wonderfully.

So, I think I'm going to start posting about random favorites for now, since I don't have much other interesting information. But not right now because I'm not at my own computer and I can't upload pictures from here. Bwaha.

Oh, and supposidly my transcripts were sent to GEOS on Wednesday. They're supposed to notify me when they arrive. I paid for overnight shipping.... so I'm a little irked that they're not there yet. I mean... Friday at the latest.. it's only Vancouver! But here's hoping for an early March departure.

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