Friday, 11 January 2008

A little more patience....

I'm really not so good at the whole patience when it comes to working with certain types of people (that was about as nice as I'm capable of wording it at the moment). Not only did it take pulling teeth to get the letter from the university saying I've graduated, there's no seal (I was told that over the phone) and apparently the signature is a stamp! Nobody told me that part. So that's a bust. I ordered offical post-graduation transcripts.... but those can take up to six weeks.... so February.... when I was just told I may be able to leave March 3rd GRRRR!

As soon as I get my diploma and transcript, there will be letters written. And I'll have free time. Why? Because they're sitting on their butts with an out-of-date system that wastes my "fees" money, farting around designing worthless letterhead and ordering signature stamps and delaying my getting a "real" job which, darn it, I earned!! Months ago!!

Very unhappy essie right now.

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