Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Last bit of insurance usage

And here's to hoping I don't need any medical attention until I get in Japan. I get one more visit to the Podiatrist to check my foot in two weeks. I went yesterday and now have a hole the size of a nickle in my foot. The needle HURT!!! She put it in through the top of my foot and it felt like she was trying to jam a knitting needle through the sole of my foot right around an already sore area. GAH! Pain. T__T

Of course, she told me to stay off my foot yesterday and what did I do? I was either driving or moving around with shoes from the time I left the office until 2AM. Yeah, I'm an idiot. It really hurt last night. But I slept like a rock, which never happens. I wonder if injuries help you sleep better......

Anyway, happy New Year! I'm looking forward to it.

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