Thursday, 3 January 2008


So, after finishing the 40 page preface and Chapter One of KLEAR's Integrated Korean, I've decided that each attempted learned language comes a lot easier than the last. Maybe it's because the grammar structure of Korean is so similar to Japanese. I'm having a good bit of trouble with the alphabet because the sounds of one letter change so much depending on what's next to it or where in the syllable it falls... or if it's (for example) p, puh, or buh. Kinda confusing, but I was surprised how quickly the alphabet came. I really only spent three or four days on it with some breaks in between.

The first chapter was mostly stuff I had picked up from TV or learned from different sites I was looking at, so that's partly why it went so fast (about an hour and a half with the review exercises). But the vocab is also sticking fairly well considering I glanced at it once, listened to the recordings, and then just did the exercises. Having some trouble with country names... cause they don't all make sense to me.

I'm excited though. I love learning new languages. I'm sure this one will be a good challenge, even if the first chapter was a breeze. Maybe once I get a good job I can take some conversation/language classes to suppliment my self-study... you know, so someone could feasably understand me when I talk.

I mailed off my introduction poster to GEOS yesterday. And the EMU auditor should have written my letter of graduation (but I'm calling her in the morning). I'm getting more excited now. I worked out a chunk of my loan stuff, and my personal payment plan is almost double what the minimum payment is, so that makes me happy. I'm thinking this is another lesson in patience, and I'm thinking I will try to stick out the full year simply for the sake of the bonus and reference, and to learn the full lesson in patience I think God is trying to teach me (again). (I'm really not a fan of these lessons, and I want them to be over, to tell you the truth.)

Job hunting tomorow, and then I'm off to Virginia for a week to visit my family. I need to find my old bag from highschool to see if I can shove my monster laptop in there.... It doesn't fit in my backpack (monster).

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aunt said...

Glad you are learning patience...seems it is a life long journey, that virtue!
xo Cool beans on the easy Korean. You have been given the gift of languages from your Father. Enjoy Virginia - hope you find your cool-a-roony bag.