Wednesday, 30 January 2008


God really does answer prayers in amazing, unbelievable, slightly awkward, shocking ways. I'm still, to be quite honest, partially in denail, and partially waiting for a really big catch. Thing is, my boss at the tax office sent me out shopping with his daughter to buy me clothes for work, knowing full well that there is a strong possibility I'm leaving in March sometime. About $200 later, I have two more suits, gorgeous shirts, and two pair of shoes. Let's rewind.

Earlier this week, Gloria, the office manager, approached me and said "You know how Fred is, right? He's just a really nice guy." Yeah, I agreed. He seems very generous with his clients and just, yeah, a really nice guy. "Now, don't be offended. Okay?" .... o..k.... what did I do? "He noticed that you wear the same clothes here all the time. Now, he likes the way you dress, but he'd like to send you out with Veronica and buy you some more clothes for work."


I wasn't offended. I was really embarassed, especially after I had the time to think about it. I only have two blouses I was wearing, plus one funky fake-blouse-vest thing, and I tried to vary it by changing the pants around.... but I guess it is kinda noticable. Anyway, Gloria told me to accept it, even though they know they might loose me before tax season is over. She's been fussing over me ever since about what I should get and how she gets hand-me-downs from her friend (I think she could tell I was uncomfortable with it).

Now, I totally appreciate it so much more than I could ever write down in words. Because of him and this job I've gone from not being able to afford to get to my job in Japan to more ready than I thought I would be. I just can't express how thankful I am right now.

But I'm still waiting for the catch, even though everything is telling me there isn't one. This is the third time someone I barely know has done something monitarily huge for me.... I guess maybe because money is such a big deal for me because I don't have it.....

The Japanese trained in to me felt like I should be bowing. It seriously took a lot of will power to keep from doing so when I dropped Veronica off at the office. They were all so casual about it. His wife was there too and it was like.... just.... casual. It really surprised me. (Yes, I know bowing is completely inappropriate here, but to me it feels respectful and like a perfectly normal show of gratitude - had no trouble adjusting to that going to Japan... lot of trouble adjusting back to here.... wierd)

Anyway, it's late, and I'm exhausted, and I have a ten hour day tomorrow. But at least I'll be well dressed. Really hoping my feet survive the shoes..... mom's jealous of them. I think they'd look good on her. I hope she can find a pair in her size. They were clearance XP which makes them 10X better.

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